Top Destinations for Photographers In Japan


Japan is a country that is full of exotic beauty, captivating sceneries and numerous marvelous attraction sites that renders everyone who would want to have a spectacular vacation a splendid experience and a memorable experience. Although travelling to Japan can be challenging due to language barrier and the bureaucratic processes that are necessary to visit this magnificent land. All you can never forget is you camera or photograph. Remember that a ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ and since during your vacation then you will encounter numerous places that will be worth memorable.

It is prudent that what you record will forever make you feel like your visit was worthwhile. Therefore, for any travel enthusiast, and photographer who wants to have a spectacular experience, it would be very recommended if you traveled to Japan not just to have the best experiences but also to have the opportunity to photograph the most memorable and beautiful places ever. Some of these sites that are worth taking photos of include :

This is one spot that is considered a world heritage site by the United nations and a national treasure in Japan. Actually, Himeji-Jo is one of the most beautiful and the finest Japanese architecture that have survived for quite a long time dating from the early 17th century. Its beauty can never be passed by any enthusiastic photographer and anyone who would want to ensure the memory of his or her tour to Japan remains.

Festival Float, Hirosaki
This is one of the brilliantly decorated and designed lantern, that stands out the in the summer night sky during the Neputa Festival in Horosaki. This place was built in a fan shape and depicts warriors and is accompanied with drums. Actually this festival features numerous activities such as traditional music and dances and features various costumes as part of the Japanese cultural element. This is one occasion that you can not only afford to miss but also to take pictures of, for your own gallery.


Azaleas In Bloom
This is a colorful garden with numerous clusters of beautiful plants and flowers outside Tokyo and is renowned for its fantastic artistic looks. This is one place that not acts as a recreational and a spiritual spot for the Japanese but its beauty looks good to both the eyes and in the camera. One of the best photographers’ destination for sure.


The Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama
This spot is known for its vertiginous growth and the soaring bamboo stalks that seems to rise so high thus dwarfing the visitors. Although the bamboo is known to have numerous uses in Japan to which it is used to make various objects such as the baskets, dolls, flutes, benches, pipes, and even artifacts for the Japanese tea ceremonies. These Bamboos at this spot offers a beautiful picture that is worth taking a photograph.


Mount Fuji
This is a snow capped mountain that cast a very bright spot on the frozen surface of lake Yamanaka. This is one of the Japanese enduring symbol of serenity and strength. On some clear day the mountains iconic peak can be seen from as far as Tokyo which is 70 miles away. Its beauty is worth reckoning and to any photographer this is one spot that you can never miss to picture.

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