Revive Survive with +Rehab London

British skincare brand +Rehab London swings into Singapore with a full range of men’s grooming and skincare to refresh and rejuvenate Asian men after taking Europe by storm.  Founder Lisa Hilton shares six easy-to-apply and uncomplicated products for the modern, busy Singaporean men.


[Photo: +Rehab London SG]

It was a hot and sunny afternoon when we arrived at London Bar (55 Boat Quay, Singapore 049844). I love the idea that the media event was held at this specially chosen venue, after all this label of men’s skin care originated from the UK. At the entrance, we were greeted by two shirtless models which actually made the warm day even hotter, and sent an endorphin rush for Tiffany Yong and I.

DSC02841 971350_10151664128573809_1007406031_n 999271_529794687086800_1686001947_n

[Photos: +Rehab London]

+Rehab London is the brainchild of celebrity hair and make-up artist Lisa Hilton. Founder Lisa Hilton wants to develop a label of skin care that would appeal to the everyday real man, and at the same time promotes an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Having worked with many male celebrities, Lisa realised that there wasn’t any natural skincare products that could relieve the damaged skin of her male clients, and hence +Rehab London was born.

DSC02862 DSC02860

Using all-natural ingredients such as anti-ageing Rooibos extract and healing Ginseng, it’s no wonder that British celebrities such as Russell Brand, Robert Pattinson and Simon Cowell have all given their stamp of approval.



[Photo: +Rehab London SG]

Brought into Singapore by Natural and Free Living Pte Ltd, set up by sisters Monika and Yuanita Tjia who left the corporate world in pursuit of their passion to share the benefits of using natural products, good skin care and grooming regime. The company also pledge to contribute back to society, for every product sold, S$1 will be donated to the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) to promote environmental responsibility.

DSC02871 DSC02880 DSC02911

During the event, +Rehab London also unveiled their new spokesperson for Singapore. Former reality TV contestant, Howard Lo from Eye for a Guy 2 (2005) was appointed the brand ambassador.  Howard is a true representation of +Rehab London’s target consumer – a man who wears many hats: a husband, tech blogger for ZDNet Asia and restaurateur in Singapore and Indonesia. 

DSC02885 DSC02890 DSC02894 DSC02909

The line consists of six products vital to any man’s skincare regime: Scrub Up Daily Detox, Calm Balm, Cold Turkey Shaving Gel, Morning Glory, No Shine, and Revive Survive. I’ve been addicted to the products ever since I received their sample kit at the event couple of weeks ago.


994802_10151664129743809_287320990_n 6954_529802077086061_1366582609_n

[Photos: +Rehab London SG]

+Rehab London products are fuss free and easy to use, especially when I was rushing to work in the morning or after a long day in office. I’ve been using the Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox on alternate days to get my skin free of dust and to complete my skin care regime, I apply the Revive Survive (anti-fatigue cream) for a refreshing touch.


Men’s Scrub Up Daily Detox 125 ml (Retail price: S$24.95) 

The 2-in-1 facial cleanser and scrub to kickstart your day. It’s refreshing, leaves your skin clean, prevents blackhead and ingrown hairs.

Key Ingredients:

  • Pumpkin Enzyme: A natural hydrator, it helps to gently clear dead skin cells.
  • Volcanic sand of Tahiti: A natural exfoliant that gently removes impurities.
  • Bamboo: A natural exfoliant that gently remove impurities.
  • AC Alg-MoistEAU: Hawaiian Water Algae.


Men’s Cold Turkey Shaving Gel 125 ml (Retail price: S$24.95)

Shaving is now a painless affair with the Cold Turkey’s unique low foam clear formula that lets you see exactly where to shave; preventing ingrown hairs and sore red skin when manscaping.

Key Ingredients:

  • Argan Oil: Supports regeneration of the skin, restarts the vital functions of cells and neutralises free radicals, whilst providing a protective layer to lubricate the razor.
  • Witch Hazel: A strong anti-oxidant and astringent useful for skin healing.
  • Aloe Vera: Its rejuvenating, healing and soothing properties prevent sore red skin when shaving.


Morning Glory 50 ml (Retail price: S$38)

This moisturiser nourishes and offers protection for over 12 hours; leaving the skin smooth and balanced, without leaving any nasty residue on the skin.

Key Ingredients:

  • Spice African Pepper: Nourishes the skin.
  • Hawaiian Water Algae: Aids in cell renewal.
  • Cocoa Seed Butter: Provides constant hydration, leaving a flawless and fresh complexion.


No Shine 50 ml (Retail price: S$38)

This oil control moisturiser helps to combat shine and excess oil whilst still making the skin refreshed, bright and perfectly hydrated.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rooibos Extract: Rich in anti-allergenics which reduce effects of free radicals.
  • Normaseb: Stops excess oil build-up.
  • Hawaiian Water Algae: An Anti-oxidant and promotes cell renewal.


Calm Balm 50 ml (Retail price: S$27.95)

Calm Balm is just another aftershave balm, it also soothes and heals the skin after sun exposure or any adverse weather reactions you may find yourself in; perfect companion to travel with.

Key Ingredients:

  • Rockweed: Smoothes and tones, moisturises and re-mineralises.
  • Hawaiian Water Algae: Anti-oxidants, cell renewal.


Revive Survive 50 ml (Retail price: $42.95)

The ultimate anti-fatigue cream; slap this stuff on and ten minutes later, your skin looks visibly rejuvenated. Extremely useful after a long night out with mates or date.

Key Ingredients:

  • Ginseng: Energising.
  • Hydrergy: Energising, rich in vitamins.
  • Hawaiian Water Algae: Anti oxidants, cell renewal.


+Rehab London is now available online at and is retailing at Beauty Horizon and Beauty By Nature outlets.

Run Like Mad! – Ep 1: Power 98 DJs vs Team Gentleman

After waiting for almost a month, Sentosa presents episode 1 of the Run Like Mad! challenge featuring Power 98 DJs and the handsome bloggers of Team Gentleman. (If you have no idea what I’m saying, please read my earlier post here.)

So touched that my screenshot was chosen as the thumbnail of this video (though I think the Sentosa corporate communications team were too lazy to edit what YouTube randomly generated for them).

In Episode 1 of Sentosa’s wacky new game show “Run Like Mad!”, Power 98 DJs and bloggers ran insanely around Palawan Beach to find four hidden Oscars (that’s the fish mascot from Songs of the Sea). We also took part in some unique version of childhood games such as playing Scissors-Paper-Stone with using our facial expression, Giant Five Stones and Twister.

We had a lot of fun throughout and you will find more laughter in these two videos below.. Watch how the Power 98 DJs amused themselves with the forfeits.

The DJs were not trying a new facial but attempting to pick up the letters to form S-E-N-T-O-S-A.

After a lot of running, it was time to recharge by sharing a giant watermelon.

Remember to watch out for Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! featuring the following food bloggers from Team timhoRUN on Sentosa TV:

Miss Tam Chiak –

Jasper Lim –

CY –

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at PM 02.20.32 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at PM 02.21.10

[Photo credit: Sentosa]

Find out what are they doing with butterflies on their hands and faces in Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! Coming soon on

Watch and WIN GREAT PRIZES, like Sentosa Day Play Passes and Skyline Luge tickets! Just tweet @Sentosa_Island with #RunLikeMad to root for your favourite team or suggest a funny forfeit for the finals! 

#RunLikeMad @Sentosa_Island

The deal is set and the challenge is on. Team Gentlemen is ready to play and win that W Hotel stay at Sentosa Island. Even the lack of sleep (I had only slept for two hours as I was working the night before) will not distract us on winning the grand prize.

IMG_8446 IMG_8612

Team Gentlemen, comprising of four bloggers (Isaac, Dennis, Wilsurn and myself) battled out with Team Power (DJs from Power 98 – Sonja Steinzmetz, Eillot Danker, Mister Young and Michael Young) through a series of challenges on 20 April in a test of wits and endurance.

Organised by Sentosa, Run Like Mad is a hybrid game, modelled after popular reality TV shows Running Man and the Amazing Race. Four teams will battle it out for the grand prize of W Hotel stay. The first episode is Us vs Team Power and the second episode is Food Bloggers vs Twitter followers. Winners of the two episode will challenge in the third episode for the grand prize.

IMG_8616 IMG_8618

At 9.45 am, Saturday morning, the kiasu Team Power (Sonja Steinmetz, Elliot Danker, Michael Tan, Mister Young) were busy stretching and conducting warm up exercise while we were occupying our time camwhoring because there is also a prize for the picture with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram (#runlikemad @sentosa_island) so please support us by going to @isaac976 to like our wacky pics.

IMG_8622 IMG_8630

Th first clue led us to Palawan Beach where we are supposed to find Oscar (the colourful pterois miles from Song of the Sea) among a mess of colourful ice-cream. We managed to arrive there first but Team Power located Oscar before we did.

IMG_8643 IMG_8648

Hope is not lost. Even though we couldn’t find the first clue, we won the first challenge – a game of Scissor-Paper-Stone played using our faces instead of hands. For the first forfeit,  Team Power had to find the pieces of alphabets that made up the word ‘S.E.N.T.O.S.A.‘ from a tray of flour. The DJs were rewarded with a early morning facial.

IMG_8649 IMG_8653

For the second clue, we raced to Port of Lost Wonder to find the second Oscar plushie.  We searched high and low among the garden and it was DJ Michael Tan who managed to find it.

IMG_8652 IMG_8659

Power 98 DJ Michael Tan happily posing with the two Oscars he found (from the first & second clue). The Sentosa TV man appeared to explain the second challenge – teams were to play a game of giant Five Stones, forfeit awaiting the loser team.

IMG_8663 IMG_8677

It was a breeze for us and my team easily won the second challenge. We sat in a corner and watched the DJs eating a large slice of watermelon without the help of their hands for the second forfeit.

Determined to find the third Oscars, the third clue brought us to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Team Gentlemen’s Dennis was the first to race up the tower and secured the third Oscars, saving us from losing and continued to stay in the game.

IMG_8679 IMG_8692 IMG_8704 IMG_8708

The third challenge is a sexy game of Twister. Dennis and Mister Young were the surviving constants but it was Mister Young from Team Power who won the challenge. For the third forfeit, we had an extreme make over, with the DJs drawing on our faces with markers!

IMG_8711 IMG_8713

IMG_8723 IMG_8725

The fourth and final clue was hidden in the Bird Aviary of Animal & Bird Encounters, I had to keep the suspense here and let you find out through Sentosa TV which team found the final Oscars and what was the ultimate forfeit.


Remember to follow #RunLikeMad @Sentosa_Island on Instagram and Twitter and catch Sentosa TV on YouTube.

Right now, the video producers are busy editing our episode but it will be uploaded on Sentosa’s YouTube channel soon. This weekend, the food bloggers will be challenging Sentosa’s Twitter followers, for ‘live feed’, follow @Sentosa_Island with hashtag #RunLikeMad.

Also, tune in to the new Power 98 at

Team Gentlemen and their web link:

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Dennis is a writer for SuperAdrianMe, covering mostly technology products and events –

Wilsurn is the editor for The