Men stripped jeans to win prizes at Levi’s 501 Party

Warning: The content of this blog post may content materials NSFW (not safe for work), if you find men stripping off their jeans on stage offensive, I suggest you skip this post. Just kidding! There’s nothing really obscene about this, because I have censored it for you.


Last Wednesday, I attended the 987FM RSVP Party at Zouk. The last time I went 987FM RSVP, I ended up on stage hugging a FHM girl (click here to read about it) so this time round, I decided to remain low profile and watched how the contestants had fun.

DSC02004 DSC02007

Actually, we were slightly late. By the time we entered the club, Double D Dee Kosh & Divian and Sonie had already selected members from the audience to come and join them on stage. The instructions for the first game was to get the female contestants to string through the jeans of the male contestants and the male Levi’s models with a thin rope. One of the male contestants’ jeans was too tight and in a good spot, and under the encouragement of the DJs, he stripped!


Of cos, some of us were shocked, more so by his courage than by the act itself. Judging from the video below, the guy was probably traumatized after the game and needed a beer to calm his nerves.

[Credit:, click here to read about William Tan’s blog post.]

The programme went on with dance performance followed by models catwalking down the runway with the collection of Levi’s 501 fashion.

DSC02009DSC02010DSC02013DSC02014DSC02015 DSC02018

After the fashion show, The Muttons Vernon and Justin played a game of telematch with local celebrities, Ya Hui and Ian Fang, who are also Levi’s 501 ambassadors.

DSC02019 DSC02020 DSC02022 DSC02023DSC02027 DSC02028

William Tan from took part in the telematch which involved putting on a pair of jeans and bottoming up a mug of beer.


Judging from the photo above, if you guess that Ya Hui’s team had won, you’re right!

To round off the evening, DJ Rozz and Bobby from the Rude Awakening played the final game “pass the bag”. Every time the music stopped, the participants had to pull out a piece of clothing in the bag and wear it.

DSC02032 DSC02033 DSC02037 DSC02039

Somehow this guy (in the pictures below) kept pulling out jeans from the bag. Maybe he was under the influence of alcohol, he decided to remove his own pair of jeans and put on the one he took from the bag. And he did it twice, probably in an attempt to win more attention than the male contestant who stripped during the first game.

DSC02040 DSC02042 DSC02043

And there was also this other male participant who was really sporting. Eventually he had a “make-over” and did an impromptu catwalk to entertain us.

DSC02048 DSC02049

The evening continued with free flow of beer and house pour till 10 pm.

Remember to tune in to 98.7FM on your radio or for ONLY THE HITS! And check out their Facebook page for more photos of  this 987 RSVP Party!

[Below: 987 All Stars – DJ Rozz, Vernon, Justin, Dee Kosh, Bobby, Divian and Sonia]


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Levi’s Website:
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On the side note, I spotted Ryan Ang, one of the dancers that evening. He starred in the SilkPro commercial along with DJ Rozz. I am impressed the dance moves of Ryan and Rozz in the Hairvolution video.

Magic Mike

Money. Girls. Fun. Are these enough reasons for men to join the adult entertainment industry?

What happens when a soccer scholarship college kid dropout meets with a 30-year-old adult entertainer? With the lure of fast cash, attention from girls and having fun while working, Adam (Alex Pettyfer)  joins Mike (Channing Tatum) at Club Xquisite to become the fantasy of every women’s desire.

But Adam will soon discover that life is not all about hedonism. The pleasure of sex and money soon turns into trouble for him.

Personally, I feel that the plot based on Channing Tatum’s personal story is rather shallow and the movie ending was very abrupt. But who cares about the story line when you are there to ogle at the hod bods, right?


On Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to get two tickets for a special premiere of Mike Magic. Hosted by popular online portal, the $16 ticket includes a seat at GV Grand, popcorn combo set, a goodie bag (for men only) and welcome drink for all.

Needless to say, my BFF Bobee and I went straight for cider.  There was also movie poster giveaways for lucky winners. If you have missed your chance to view this movie, Golden Village Vivo City Gold Class will be screening Magic Mike “Girls Gone Wild at GV Gold Class” on  9 Aug at 7 pm) and 10 Aug 2012 at 9.45 pm. Tickets at $180 per pair ($90 per pax). There is also a cheaper ticket on the eve of National Day, 9 Aug at 1.20 am (after 12 mn of 8 Aug) that is priced at $39 per pax.

Go if you want to have a wild night of chilling with your girl friends. The movie is full of action and fireworks guarantee. 😉