Sentosa Bids Farewell to Songs of the Sea

Yesterday, Sentosa waved good-bye to Songs of the Sea with an impressive display of fireworks, zealous sing-alongs and emotional goodbyes from the cast. After a successful seven years and more than 5,000 shows, the world’s only night extravaganza set in the sea has captivated 8.5 million guests with an interesting blend of live cast, dramatic effects and dazzling pyrotechnics. Starting today, the show grounds will close in preparation for the new multimedia night spectacular – Wings of Time.

DSC03134 DSC03131

Sentosa-SOTS Closing - Cast and CEO in final celebratory jump - web

Wings of Time, produced by the award-winning events company ECA2, will unveil its majestic charm from 17 June 2014 onwards at the same outdoor theatre as Songs of the Sea. The show will present a never-seen-before ensemble of artistically choreographed multimedia effects, a talented live cast, and fun audience engagement. With a new 10-metre tall backdrop against Sentosa’s Siloso Beach’s picturesque scenery, the 25-min spectacular will take the audiences on a magical journey of regal proportions, with new robotic fountains, 3D video mapping and enhanced pyrotechnic effects. A talented cast will take audiences on a journey filled with adventure, courage and friendship in this family-friendly extravaganza.

It tells the story of a fantastic journey through time and space. A bird-like creature, Shahbaz, from prehistoric times goes on an adventure with two modern-day teenagers in search of home. Along the way, they discover the world by exploring wondrous locations around the world. As the teenagers assist their newfound friend to find his way home, they too must face a test of their courage and friendship. The decisions they make will eventually help them (or not) to find their own way home too.


“Wings of Time will redefine history again, bringing together a breathtaking adventure with the latest multimedia effects and values we can identify with. We are confident that this will again push the boundaries of premium entertainment options for families, even after the sun sets,” said Mr Sam Lee, Director, Island Business, Sentosa Leisure Management.

With just weeks away before the new show launches, Sentosa and ECA2 are embarking on extensive renovations to overhaul the stage area and equipment within the show premise. State-of-the- art technology meets contemporary storytelling as Wings of Time showcases a new choreography of pyrotechnics and special effects tightly woven into the storyline. New equipment including robotic moving water jets with LED lights and coloured lasers will be installed, while existing infrastructure will be boosted with upgrades for a seamless integration to take every guest’s breath away. Casting calls for the new cast have been completed and they will undergo intensive training by Sentosa and ECA2.

Wings of Time will be a ticketed performance, with daily shows at 7.40pm and 8.40pm along Siloso Beach. Premium seats are available at S$23 per person, while standard seats are at S$18 (standard rate), and S$15 (for local residents). Advance tickets are available from 12 May onwards at For more information, please visit or call 1800-SENTOSA (736 8672).

Sentosa’s new night show – Wings of Time

  • Date: Starting from 17 June
  • Show times: Daily, 7.40pm and 8.40pm
  • Venue: Siloso Beach at Sentosa Island
  • Nearest MRT station: Harbourfront MRT (take the Sentosa Express train from Sentosa Station located at VivoCity level 3 to Beach Station)
  • Show tickets: S$23 (premium seats), S$18 (standard seats), S$15 (standard seats for locals)
  • How to buy tickets: Available for purchase online from 12 May 2014 onwards at

Thai Brings Their Horror to Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

[Guest post by Tiffany Yong]

Ask any movie lovers the best horror shows and Thai’s horror movie will easily be on the top 10. After 5 years of Asian spookiness, Sentosa just upped the horror-o-meter by collaborating with renowned movie production studio GMM Tai Hub Co. Ltd. (GTH) to produced five most realistic horror trails to date (verified!), transporting visitors into the world of Thai horror films.

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

Coming Soon, Shutter, Body, Dorm and Pee Mak

Fans of Thai horror films might be “delighted” (or not?) to find iconic ghosts from each movie-themed trail. The five most significant characters will be the spiteful starlet Chaba from Coming Soon, vengeful ex-girlfriend Natre from Shutter, resentful chopped-up victim Dararai from Body, faithful wife Nak from Pee Mak and angry child spirit Wichien from Dorm.

sentosa spooktacular 2013
On the Media Preview Night, directors and actors from the featured movies were invited to experience the five trails for themselves and get second scare out of their life (I guess the first time round would be during their movie filming back then!)

sentosa spooktacular 2013 thai movies
Chantavit Dhanasevi (Ter), best known for his lead role in Hello Stranger and ATM, was the lead actor for Coming Soong, and also as a co-screenwriter for GTH record breaking blockbuster, Pee Mak. Together with him were the gang of four in Pee Mak, Attharut Kongrasri (Shane), Kantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk (Bomb), Nuttapong Chartpong (Freud) and Pongsatorn Jongwilas (Puak).

The Horror-o-meter

1. The Pee Mak House
sentosa spooktacular 2013 pee mak
After the war, Mak invited his best friends – Ter, Puak, Shin and Aey – to visit his hometown, and introduced them to his beautiful wife, Nak, and his newborn baby. However, they soon heard a village rumour that Nak had died during childbirth. It is now up to the foursome to uncover the ugly truth and save Mak from his ghostly wife.
Follow them into the unholy Temple of Dawn and perform a divine dance ritual to rip off Nak’s façade.
Horror-o-meter: 1/5 *
This is the least scary of the four as the blockbuster was a comedy horror and the Gang of Four were not even ghosts in the film! Learn the Pee Mak dance to stop the stern ghost looking at you!

2. The Body- Haunted Hospital
sentosa spooktacular 2013 body
Chon, a medical student who has performed countless autopsies, was increasingly perturbed by nightmares filled with horrific flashes of one of the corpses he recently studied; it belonged to Dararai, who had been gruesomely butchered. And it seems the vengeful soul has placed a deadly curse on the whole faculty — including you. To lift the curse, you need to locate and retrieve Dararai’s grisly body parts (gloves not provided) before piecing them together.
Horror-o-meter: 3/5 ***
Realistic body parts

3. Shutter Photography Room
sentosa spooktacular 2013 shutter
When photographer Tun noticed mysterious white shadows in his shots, he knew something was amiss. It became clear that the apparitions were Netre, his ex-girlfriend who was raped by his best friends; they had pressurised him to capture the misdeed in order to blackmail her, driving her to commit suicide. She returns to exact her revenge, and it doesn’t look pretty. Vengeance is blind and now you’re part of the picture. Save yourself: collect and burn the foul photographs without getting yourself exposed. Make it snappy.
Horror-o-meter: 4/5 ****
If you don’t like gross photos, I’m sorry to say you are surrounded by them. With the powerful lightings in the room, beware of what you are looking at.

4. Dorm- Haunted Boarding School
sentosa spooktacular 2013 dorm
Wichien, a boarding school loner, had no friends; no one noticed when one fateful summer he fell down a well and met his doom. Desolated, he resolved to make his absence felt. Now, with kids going missing one by one, and drowning incidents commonplace at the school, it’s time to face the fear head-on. Armed with only a modest torchlight, you are to navigate the dim, maze-like corridors, and recite the spell needed to put Wichien’s spirit at peace once and for all.
Horror-o-meter: 3/5 *
Little student souls are hanging around, in and out of the trail. Just remember, to check who is in front or behind you after coming out from the trail. It might be someone else.

5. Coming Soon- Haunted Cinema
sentosa spooktacular 2013 coming soon
In the last scene of a production, starler Chaba suffocated to death due to a technical glitch, while the crew stood transfixed by what they misinterpreted as a breathtaking execution. She’s back for her final act, and no one’s off the hook from her lethal hex. Would you pay for this haunting encounter with your life? Break the jinx with an autograph from Chaba herself. Without her stamp of approval, your only fate is death.
Horror-o-meter: 5/5 *****
The longest trail among the 5, this is unanimously voted by many bloggers to be the scariest. I won’t reveal too much, experience it yourself and scream your lungs out.

What else to expect?

sentosa spooktacular 2013

The largest prop is 10m in height!

Besides the 200 roaming ghosts which might appear suddenly on your way to the different stations, you will see many larger-than-life props, elaborate landscape designs and lifelike figures never before seen in reality warped into scenes from the five horror films.

spooktacular 2013
Open to public on 20th, 25th, 26th (sold out) and 31st October; 1st and 2nd November 2013
Time: 7pm to 11pm (last entry: 9pm)
Minimum age: 13 years old
“Kia Gui” (Scared of Ghost) Pass: $16.60 (Admission to Fort Siloso only, exclude haunted trails)
Standard Purchase $66.60
Fast Pass: $26.60
Tickets available at Sentosa Spooktacular Website and Sentosa Ticketing Counters!

For more information, check out Sentosa Spooktacular Website or Facebook Fan Page, where fear-enthusiasts can get a taste of Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 by re-living the terror from the five films.

[About Guest Blogger]

Tiffany Yong aka tiffanyyongwt, is a Capricorn who loves acting, dancing, movies and bubble tea. Currently an Actor, Blogger & Coach, the ABC girl writes online at

Singapore Blog Awards mark 1st Year Anniversary

Last year, under the encouragement of a friend, Darren Ng I registered my previous blog for the Singapore Blog Awards. Needless to say, I didn’t even manage to get shortlisted as a finalist for any category.  Unsatisfied with just ranting about personal issues I faced, I started to scribble my happy thoughts. 


A year on, blogging has certainly opened up a lot of opportunities for me. To begin with I got to know many friends. I remembered meeting Christina and Jeremy during last year’s Singapore Twitter Frenzy at Wave House, Sentosa which shaped my thinking of blogging. Previously I had always viewed my blog as a personal online journal for me to share my feelings with friends.

My interest in lifestyle blogging started while I doing marketing for Singapore Flyer and studying part-time at SIM University. Initially started out as a channel for me to hone my writing skills, blogging has become an integrated part of my life and a passion now. It has opened up more opportunities for networking, invitations to exclusive product launches and previews as well as trips overseas.

942127_10151584464314584_724040454_n 971111_10151584465499584_1741954805_n

Thanks to, I was given the opportunity to experience Brunei and it was during that trip that I got to know Karen, Andy, Tiffany and Deenise. Besides catching up like Bruneian bloggers, we also exchanged tips on blogging and social media.

I’m very proud of my travel mates. In fact, all four of them were the finalists for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. Karen and Deenise were also nominated for several categories.

998503_10151584433954584_1398708213_n 1000401_10151584427964584_1694892355_n 1004616_10151584427874584_147747254_n 1011937_10151584432469584_1708555932_n 1010285_10151584431964584_103144532_n 1011434_10151584465079584_1907073467_n

Held at Shanghai Dolly, I spotted familiar faces and friends like Smith Leong, William Tan, Elrica, Mint Leong, Regina Chow, Joey Ong, Darren Sim, Hong Peng and Tse Lyn who were the finalists for the main and special categories for this year’s Singapore Blog Awards. Blogger friends like Joyce, Valentine, Colin and Damien were there to cheer them on too. Luke and Shirley were also the finalists but I didn’t manage to spot them.

999503_10151584429809584_776420866_n 1011981_10151584429844584_2020211519_n 971852_10151584426994584_758475824_n 1044537_10151584432034584_214277574_n

And now, the moment you have been waiting for, the results of Singapore Blog Awards 2013:

Main Categories


Panasonic Best Photography Blog winner – Christina Gao


Exabytes Best Individual Blog winner – Grace Tan


Levi’s Best Fashion Blog winner – Jaslin Tan


Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog winner – Jasmine Koh


Best Family Blog winner – Ai Sakura


Best Food Blog winner – Tony


Best Travel Blog winner – Sock Peng


Best What-The-Hell Blog winner – Willy


Best V-log winner – Ninja Girls


Best Microblog winner – Spin or Bin Music

Special Categories


Panasonic Best Beauty Blog Top 3 Winners – Karen, Elaine & Elrica


Panasonic Best Cooking Blog Winner – Celes


Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Winner – Ivan Kwan


Glossi Best Modelling Blog Winner – Karen


JBL Best Pop/Music Blog – Mint Leong


Levi’s Best 501 Interpretation Blog winner – Claire


Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog winner – Mitsueki

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Thank you for extending the invitation for me to cover for this event, click here to read their Chinese article for 新加坡部落格大奖 Singapore Blog Awards 2013.

Run Like Mad! – Ep 1: Power 98 DJs vs Team Gentleman

After waiting for almost a month, Sentosa presents episode 1 of the Run Like Mad! challenge featuring Power 98 DJs and the handsome bloggers of Team Gentleman. (If you have no idea what I’m saying, please read my earlier post here.)

So touched that my screenshot was chosen as the thumbnail of this video (though I think the Sentosa corporate communications team were too lazy to edit what YouTube randomly generated for them).

In Episode 1 of Sentosa’s wacky new game show “Run Like Mad!”, Power 98 DJs and bloggers ran insanely around Palawan Beach to find four hidden Oscars (that’s the fish mascot from Songs of the Sea). We also took part in some unique version of childhood games such as playing Scissors-Paper-Stone with using our facial expression, Giant Five Stones and Twister.

We had a lot of fun throughout and you will find more laughter in these two videos below.. Watch how the Power 98 DJs amused themselves with the forfeits.

The DJs were not trying a new facial but attempting to pick up the letters to form S-E-N-T-O-S-A.

After a lot of running, it was time to recharge by sharing a giant watermelon.

Remember to watch out for Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! featuring the following food bloggers from Team timhoRUN on Sentosa TV:

Miss Tam Chiak –

Jasper Lim –

CY –

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at PM 02.20.32 Screen shot 2013-05-16 at PM 02.21.10

[Photo credit: Sentosa]

Find out what are they doing with butterflies on their hands and faces in Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! Coming soon on

Watch and WIN GREAT PRIZES, like Sentosa Day Play Passes and Skyline Luge tickets! Just tweet @Sentosa_Island with #RunLikeMad to root for your favourite team or suggest a funny forfeit for the finals! 

#RunLikeMad @Sentosa_Island

The deal is set and the challenge is on. Team Gentlemen is ready to play and win that W Hotel stay at Sentosa Island. Even the lack of sleep (I had only slept for two hours as I was working the night before) will not distract us on winning the grand prize.

IMG_8446 IMG_8612

Team Gentlemen, comprising of four bloggers (Isaac, Dennis, Wilsurn and myself) battled out with Team Power (DJs from Power 98 – Sonja Steinzmetz, Eillot Danker, Mister Young and Michael Young) through a series of challenges on 20 April in a test of wits and endurance.

Organised by Sentosa, Run Like Mad is a hybrid game, modelled after popular reality TV shows Running Man and the Amazing Race. Four teams will battle it out for the grand prize of W Hotel stay. The first episode is Us vs Team Power and the second episode is Food Bloggers vs Twitter followers. Winners of the two episode will challenge in the third episode for the grand prize.

IMG_8616 IMG_8618

At 9.45 am, Saturday morning, the kiasu Team Power (Sonja Steinmetz, Elliot Danker, Michael Tan, Mister Young) were busy stretching and conducting warm up exercise while we were occupying our time camwhoring because there is also a prize for the picture with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram (#runlikemad @sentosa_island) so please support us by going to @isaac976 to like our wacky pics.

IMG_8622 IMG_8630

Th first clue led us to Palawan Beach where we are supposed to find Oscar (the colourful pterois miles from Song of the Sea) among a mess of colourful ice-cream. We managed to arrive there first but Team Power located Oscar before we did.

IMG_8643 IMG_8648

Hope is not lost. Even though we couldn’t find the first clue, we won the first challenge – a game of Scissor-Paper-Stone played using our faces instead of hands. For the first forfeit,  Team Power had to find the pieces of alphabets that made up the word ‘S.E.N.T.O.S.A.‘ from a tray of flour. The DJs were rewarded with a early morning facial.

IMG_8649 IMG_8653

For the second clue, we raced to Port of Lost Wonder to find the second Oscar plushie.  We searched high and low among the garden and it was DJ Michael Tan who managed to find it.

IMG_8652 IMG_8659

Power 98 DJ Michael Tan happily posing with the two Oscars he found (from the first & second clue). The Sentosa TV man appeared to explain the second challenge – teams were to play a game of giant Five Stones, forfeit awaiting the loser team.

IMG_8663 IMG_8677

It was a breeze for us and my team easily won the second challenge. We sat in a corner and watched the DJs eating a large slice of watermelon without the help of their hands for the second forfeit.

Determined to find the third Oscars, the third clue brought us to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Team Gentlemen’s Dennis was the first to race up the tower and secured the third Oscars, saving us from losing and continued to stay in the game.

IMG_8679 IMG_8692 IMG_8704 IMG_8708

The third challenge is a sexy game of Twister. Dennis and Mister Young were the surviving constants but it was Mister Young from Team Power who won the challenge. For the third forfeit, we had an extreme make over, with the DJs drawing on our faces with markers!

IMG_8711 IMG_8713

IMG_8723 IMG_8725

The fourth and final clue was hidden in the Bird Aviary of Animal & Bird Encounters, I had to keep the suspense here and let you find out through Sentosa TV which team found the final Oscars and what was the ultimate forfeit.


Remember to follow #RunLikeMad @Sentosa_Island on Instagram and Twitter and catch Sentosa TV on YouTube.

Right now, the video producers are busy editing our episode but it will be uploaded on Sentosa’s YouTube channel soon. This weekend, the food bloggers will be challenging Sentosa’s Twitter followers, for ‘live feed’, follow @Sentosa_Island with hashtag #RunLikeMad.

Also, tune in to the new Power 98 at

Team Gentlemen and their web link:

Isaac976 is a passionate racer and tech geek who blogs at

Dennis is a writer for SuperAdrianMe, covering mostly technology products and events –

Wilsurn is the editor for The

Sunset, Sea Breeze & Seafood by the Beach

Chiak pa buay? (Have you eaten?) If not, why not head down to Sentosa for BBQ by the Beach?

Sunset, sea breeze and seafood! On Thursday, we were invited by and Sentosa to indulge in a sumptuous BBQ dinner by the beach. In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, for a price of $29.90++ per person, you get $30 worth of vouchers (redeemable for food & drinks) at the event. Hurry! Cos the promotion is until 22 July only.



I was on my way with my friend, Liz to Siloso Beach for the seafood BBQ dinner when I bumped into fellow bloggers, Christina (@huney_84 / Huney’Z World) and Jeremy (@jalormee / jer-uh-mee). We “accidentally” cut queue and hopped onto the beach tram bound for Siloso Beach. Actually Sentosa Seafood by the Beach is located between COASTES and Azzura Beach Club, which is a stone throw away from the Beach Station.




While waiting for the chefs to prepare our dinner, we decided to camwhore and entertain ourselves with our cameras. Christina brought along her hubby, Winston. Imagine the cool evening sea breeze blowing at you and the aroma of the seafood BBQ, the beach is a very romantic place to chill with your loved one. If you are single, fear not, I had a good time chilling out with friends indulging in our dinner and enjoying the sunset.


There were just too many items to choose from. I love the BBQ baby squid, honey-coated and crispy to the max! There was also a very tenderizing steak, medium-cooked to perfection. And not to mention the cod fish with buttered rice was another of my favorite. The cod fish simply melted in my mouth.






The theme for this year’s Singapore Food Festival is the Seafood Tales of Temasek. What better way to celebrate this gastronomic affair than to enjoy a sumptuous spread of daily catch over a mug of beer with your friends or family? Sentosa Seafood by the Beach also tries to showcase the various type of BBQ cooking. There’s the vertical grill where prawns and other smaller chunks of seafood are grilled over a vertical flame. The highlight of the even is traditional Hawaiian underground style of cooking – Imu.  And of cos there is the normal grilling over the coal which we are all familiar with.



For complement to our night, two lovely musicians sang out our choice of either English or Spanish songs with the companion of their guitars. If you have no plans this weekend, why not join them too? 🙂