Fit.Right.In – The Challenge Result

Like many things in life, fitness is a journey not a destination. Hence, the announcement of this much anticipated result for this challenge between Tiffany and I is a personal commitment to stay healthy and keep fit irregardless who wins the Fit Right In challenge.


I always remember this quotation from American Speaker/Author  Jim Rohn, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” And if I may humbly add, “Discipline is the bridge between motivation and habit.”

During the last session of my personal training with Jensen, there was another lady who was also undergoing physical training with another trainer. Throughout the entire workout, she was complaining that the tasks were too difficult and negotiating with the male trainer to do lesser repetitions.

When the going gets tough, only the tough gets going. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. Choose what kind of person you are. I guess I can give many excuses and legitimate reason such as my wrist injury but I trust my personal trainer to know when to push me and when to give a hi-5 to encourage me.



The much await result.. I lost a total of 3 kg within just 3 weeks of personal training at Physical ABuse. This is a result of hardwork at the gym and also diet control. During this period, I workout minimum of 2 times a week, combing weight training with group workout classes. For diet, I cut down on rice, bread and other simple carbohydrate. For dinner, I usually will have fish soup or high fibre fruits.

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But procrastination and lack of discipline are my main weaknesses which is why I’m considering to sign up with additional personal training after my wrist is healed. After all the results prove for itself and if I can get the dream physique in a shorter time, I don’t mind investing in improving my image.  Perhaps, you should also start with 4 sessions of physical training and unlimited gym access and group fitness class through Physical ABuse’s Fit Right In package.



Fit.Right.In – Challenge in Progress

WANTED: The man in the picture below has been charged with physical abuse infliced on the owner of this blog. Warning: Do not approach him for personal training unless you are committed to improve yourself – to become fitter and healthier; look better with more confidence.

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Pardon me for the lack of blog posts recently as I have been busy getting my fat ass kicked by my personal trainer, Jensen Arabejo from Physical ABuse Fitness Center. Into my third week of training, we did a quick check on my weight and I’m happy with the results although my abs are still not showing.

About my trainer: Jensen is trained to be nurse but his love for fitness and sports led him to become certified physical trainer. As an athlete, he enjoys challenges and extreme sports. His passion in sports and fitness is the reason why he is able to motivate and push his clients for the benefits of reaching their own goals. Prior to working in Singapore, he was based in Macau as a fitness trainer and his expertise includes weight loss & toning, strengthening, weight gain and sports conditioning especially for basketball and swimming.

My training began as once a week, one hour per session work out with Jensen. Each session starts with warm-up exercise follows by two sets of repetitive circuit training. During the week, I also attended the various group classes with Tiffany, because the best way to lose weight is to combine cardiovascular exercises with weights training.


Tiffany and I went for Drums Alive, the latest calorie-burning workout using drum sticks and Swiss balls. The well-coordinated rhythmic class lets us fulfill our rock star fantasy while burning fats at the same time. Besides this unique group exercise, we also attended two classes of Zumba together. The first was conducted by Jasmine who incorporated K-pop songs and dance moves to the work out. For me, the moves were more of an advance level and my two left feet were trying hard to keep up. Thank goodness the Saturday Zumba classes conducted by Ridhuan consists of much simple moves but are of high impact, causing me to perspire more.


What I really love about Physical Abuse Fitness Center are the friendly personal trainers and crowd. Most people who go to Physical Abuse know their personal fitness goal, and the spirit of camaraderie towards health and fitness is very motivating. Even though this boutique gym is not as big as the major fitness chain, it has all the equipments we need and we seldom need to wait in order to use the facilities unlike when I was working out in CF or FF.

Losing weight is a balance between our input and output, simply working out once or twice a week is not sufficient. Diet control is another key area we need to note. During this period of challenge, I cut down on carbohydrates and feed on fish soup or Yong Tau Foo for dinner after work out.

Although every hour of physical training with Jensen feels like eternity, but time does fly by quickly. It’s nearing the end of this Fit Right In challenge. So, who do you think will win this challenge? Check out Tiffany’s blog post here and watch out for the release of result soon!



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