Yoga in the Sky at Mind-Body-Spirit Festival 2013

Last Sunday 12 May 2013, I attended the Mind-Body-Spirit Festival organised by Singapore Flyer in conjunction with Mother’s Day celebration. With the day-pass ticket, there are various classes to choose from and at different venues to provide unique experience for all.

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Yoga, pilates, fitness marathon and  mass workout are some of the selection available. Eventually I decided to train my abs and headed for the yoga class held at Bayview Room at level 2.

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The YogaDivas CORE workshop was presented by yoga instructor, Sarah Powell from YogaDivas. Yoga is not just about gentle stretching, during the one-hour session, we learned to discover our inner strength and also had fun with arm balances. If you think yoga is just for girls, don’t be misled by the YogaDivas name, there were a couple other guys attending the class with me.

Sarah started the class with relaxation breathing exercise before proceeding to stretching and balancing on our core muscles and arms. Most of the poses were manageable except for a few which were rather challenging. Sarah also demonstrated varied versions of the pose to achieve the desired result without hurting ourselves. After the one hour, I could really feel my abs again!

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As I was recovering from my previous yoga class, I met up with the organisers who gladly informed me that they had specially arranged for a workout in the sky for me. Although I was feeling slightly tired but the idea of doing yoga in the sky excited me (click here to read my previous experience with doing yoga inside the capsule).

The special class of Hatha Yoga was presented by Master Ankan Kumar Sarkar from Sky Fitness. Hatha Yoga is the most ancient, complete and popular system of yoga for mental and physical health. It is a science of breathing, purification and synchronization on the physical and mental dimensions. During the two rotations of one hour, we learned the ancient techniques of esanas (postures) and pranayama – good health, peace prosperity, longevity and self-realization.


Doing yoga inside the capsule is an amazing experience. Imagine seeing the Marina Bay district 165 metres above the ground in an upside-down position. The beautiful scenery makes enduring the more challenging postures so much more enjoyable. It is an experience that is not offered everyday.

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I would like to thank Singapore Flyer for the lovely invitation and I really hope that can make the Mind-Body-Spirit Festival a yearly event or have more classes of yoga, pilates or fitness workout in the sky so many others can enjoy the unique experience.


[Glowing with glee and a touch of wellness after two sessions of yoga in one day.]

Check out Singapore Flyer’s website at for their next exciting event and upcoming promotions.

Sarah conducts regular outdoor yoga classes. Find out more about YogaDivas at

Sky Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes at their venue in HarbourFront and Serangoon Gardens. Visit for more information.

Peace Through Yoga, 165 metres above the Ground

Pamper your mothers to the highest level atop the Singapore Flyer this Mother's Day Weekend at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Workout In The Sky takes center stage amid wide selection of fitness and health activities and performances that are part of Singapore Flyer's Mind Body Spirit Festival on 11-12 May 2013

[Photo credit: Singapore Flyer]

My life was in hectic mess since last week, rushing for one place to another, attending events and classes, trying to complete my school assignments while juggling two part-time jobs, I was having difficulty finding space for myself. Hence, I jumped the opportunity when Singapore Flyer invited us for Workout in the Sky last Wednesday – yoga is actually what I need to calm my spirit and find my inner peace.

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Despite the massive crowd in the MRT and the early morning downpour, we managed to arrive before 9.30 am to board the capsule for this once in a lifetime experience. After all, it’s not everyday that we get to do yoga at 165-metre above the ground!

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In celebration of Mother’s Day, Singapore Flyer will be hosting an hour long workshop – “Workout in the Sky”over the weekend on 11-12 May as part of Mind Body Spirit Festival 2013. With classes led by yoga, pilates and fitness instructors, this unique and memorable experience will etch unforgettable memory for not just the mothers but for everyone to enjoy.

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“I am proud that Singapore Flyer can play a significant role in this celebration. Mothers are unique individuals that often give more than they take. Come May, we hope to show our appreciation to them by offering an equally unique experience that they will remember. The ‘Workout In The Sky’ is also very much aligned to our commitment towards finding new ways to engage and surprise our customers,” said Singapore Flyer’s CEO Patsy Ong.

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The Mind Body Spirit Festival is an ideal opportunity for families to experience something truly unique and unforgettable. Festival goers will also enjoy fantastic activities on the ground. Apart from the exclusive “Workout In The Sky”, additional health and fitness workshops will be conducted within the Singapore Flyer complex on both days from 8.30am-8pm. The Mind Body Spirit Fair will be open on both days during the event and will boast 40 booths featuring wellness products and services. Participants can look forward to performances of yoga stunts, dances, capoeira and live music at the Greek Theatre. Flowers will also be given to moms who will come attend the 12 May workshops.Registration for the workshops closes on the 8 May. Tickets entitles participants complimentary entry to the Mind Body Sprit Festival at West Promenade, as well as performances at the Greek theatre.

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To celebrate Mother’s Day, Singapore Flyer has also launched a Facebook contest calling upon the public to put in a dedication to their moms and upload their pictures together for a chance to win attractive prizes. Every submission will also entitle customers with a promotion code that gives a 50% discount off High Tea flights during the month of May.

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The kind folks at Singapore Flyer is giving readers two pairs of Day-Pass tickets, worth $33 each, for 11 May 2013. The Day-Pass tickets will entitle you to access to the following: 

  • All workshops at Bayview Ballroom
  • Fitness Marathon at the Greek Theatre
  • Yoga/ Pilates Mass Workout at the Greek Theatre 

Share with them why you deserve to win a pair of day pass to Singapore Flyer’s Mind Body Spirit 2013 Festival and send your entry to, with the subject as: MALCOLM SUNNY: Mother’s Day at Singapore Flyer

 Closing date for entries is this Thursday, 9 May 2013. Winners will be selected and announced by this Friday, 10 May 2013.

More information can be found at:

Event website:

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