Mid-Autumn Outing


On the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar new year, Chinese all over the world will come together with their friends and family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating mooncakes and playing a game of solving riddles. Children will carry lanterns and walk along the streets.

This popular lunar harvest festival is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese, with a tradition that goes as far back as the Tang Dynasty. Several versions of how this festival first began, some say it is to celebrate the overthrow of Mongol rule, other stories are more fanciful, detailing the story of warrior Houyi and his beautiful wife Chang’e who eventually flies up to the moon.


When I was younger, my mom would bring my sister and I to community events, where often my creative self would take part in lantern-making contest and my mom would be participating in the riddles competition. Fast forward to present, Mid-Autumn is one of our family occasion where we would visit our relatives to present them a box of mooncakes and to catch up over our lives.

This year, I was invited for a full moon tour at Chinese Garden for Mid-Autumn. Organised by People’s Association, it’s east meets west in this park located on the western corner of our tiny island; there were lantern displays of dragons, the Little Match Girl, the Three Little Pigs, and other cutesy characters that the young and the young-at-heart can identify with.






For me, the highlight of the event was the wishing tree. We wrote our wishes on gold coins and we had to toss them up the tree. Click below to see what happen to Valentine‘s gold coin. It’s a must watch 16 seconds video!!!

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

Weather was a bitch today, but it didn’t dampened the mood and hope of the 100 volunteers from Sengkang West. Together with Fly Entertainment celebrity Irene Ang and Driving Change with Caltex ambassador Henry Golding, the volunteers helped to pack the food hampers and to sell tickets at PAssion Fun by the Bay.


The Mission: To sell 5000 tickets (each worth $10) by Sunday, 4 November 2012. The contributions will help fund food hampers to the needy elderly in Singapore.

How to help: You can drop by any Caltex petrol stations in Singapore to purchase the $10 tickets or write a cheque to “PACDF” and pass to them at Anchorvale Community Centre from 11am to 3pm on 4 Nov 2012.


Today is also Day 3 of the Kindness Challenge, a separate campaign organised by Personal Excellence Coach / Blogger / Author Celestine Chua. As an act of kindness, I did my donation to this worthy cause that Henry Golding is advocating for.

Please, please support this meaningful campaign, all you need is to drop by any of the Caltex stations to purchase a $10 ticket. The challenge for Henry & Irene ends at 3 pm on 4 Nov 2012, but you can still continue to support this mission and tickets are available for purchase till end of this month.

They are just 1000 tickets away from reaching their target, help them fulfill their mission, help the needy elderly in Singapore. A little kindness goes a long way!

For more information:

Visit Driving Change with Caltex – website

Twitter – @henrygolding @caltex4change #caltex4change

Christina’s blog – Huney’Z World

What the F#!

“What is flug!” was my initial reaction when my blogger friends from SingaSports.com invited me to cover the event and guest blog for them.


Flugtag (pronounced “floog-tag”), means “flying day” in German and is organized by the European Red Bull (not to be confused with the Thai Red Bull). Bring to life by the slogan,  “Red Bull Gives You Wings” , 38 teams competed in the 1st ever Red Bull Flugtag held in Southeast Asia.



Last Sunday, I dug myself out of bed to meet Christina (read her blog post here) and CJ and embark to Siloso Beach in Sentosa where the creative flying contest was held. To find out more about Red Bull Flug Tag, you can read my article on SingaSports.com or visit their official website.


Special thanks to CJ and Nabil from SingaSports.com for the invitation and kudos to Christina from HuneyzWorld.blogspot.com for being our event photographer!