Mid-Autumn Outing


On the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar new year, Chinese all over the world will come together with their friends and family to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating mooncakes and playing a game of solving riddles. Children will carry lanterns and walk along the streets.

This popular lunar harvest festival is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese, with a tradition that goes as far back as the Tang Dynasty. Several versions of how this festival first began, some say it is to celebrate the overthrow of Mongol rule, other stories are more fanciful, detailing the story of warrior Houyi and his beautiful wife Chang’e who eventually flies up to the moon.


When I was younger, my mom would bring my sister and I to community events, where often my creative self would take part in lantern-making contest and my mom would be participating in the riddles competition. Fast forward to present, Mid-Autumn is one of our family occasion where we would visit our relatives to present them a box of mooncakes and to catch up over our lives.

This year, I was invited for a full moon tour at Chinese Garden for Mid-Autumn. Organised by People’s Association, it’s east meets west in this park located on the western corner of our tiny island; there were lantern displays of dragons, the Little Match Girl, the Three Little Pigs, and other cutesy characters that the young and the young-at-heart can identify with.






For me, the highlight of the event was the wishing tree. We wrote our wishes on gold coins and we had to toss them up the tree. Click below to see what happen to Valentine‘s gold coin. It’s a must watch 16 seconds video!!!

Happy Three Friends

One of the benefits of working in central is the joy of having to different friends to company us for lunch everyday. This is definitely a better appreciated change from my previous workplace in an ulu industrial part on the eastern shore. However, lunch is also more pricey in town as compared to other parts of the island.

Today, I went to Ramen Nantsuttei at PARCO Marina Bay @ Millenia Walk. My bowl of Golden Curry Ramen ($15) is a mash-up of the their famous ramen soup based and the unique minced meat curry sauce. The other two had the normal ramen at $12 and add-on an egg at $1.

I know Choon Liang from Katong Toastmasters Club. A jovial guy who often cracks humorous speech during our public speaking club meetings, he works at the office building next to mine. Often seem in his metrosexual chic dressing, sorry boys and girls, he is engaged and getting married next year.

Alyssa Rae works as a consultant near Beach Road. I got to know her when we were both volunteer panelists with Young Changemakers. These days, she is a food porn star, you can follow her and find out what she is having for lunch or dinner at @petrarae on Instagram.


I’ll miss having our Threesome Tuesday lunch together. Hur hur.

Are You Pink Enough?

More than 15,000 people, dressed in their best pink outfit, gathered with their families, friends, partner and pets to celebrate the freedom to love at Hong Lim Park on 30 June 2012.


Pink Dot supports the freedom to love regardless of your race, language, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. This is one of the most organized and well-supported mass gathering of people in Singapore. There is a community tent this year where interest groups and not-for-profits organizations such as 5Degrees, The Bear Project, Sayoni, IndigNation, Oogachaga, SAFE, etc come together to support this cause.


This year, Google and Barclays came in as the two main sponsors. There were also a few LGBT-friendly businesses that came  to provide sponsorship in kind. Free ice-cream, bubble tea, mineral water were given out.

I spotted several local celebrities and prominent figures at Pink Dot such as Irene Ang, Chen Hanwei, Stuart Koe. I saw from my friend’s photos and tweets that Nat Ho was there to support too.



The host for the evening were Pink Dot ambassadors Lim Yu-Beng and Sharon Au. Participants were treated to a Pink Dot Concert with performances from Kumar, Jack & Rai, Ivan Heng & the cast from La Cage and more others.


My favorite moment was when the C130 helicopter flew past Hong Lim Park as they were on the way to the National Day Parade Rehearsal, and Jack & Rai did an impromptu acapella version of Majulah Singapura. The crowd stood at attention to give our respect to the national anthem. It was a very touching moment for me personally as Pink Dot was really about Singaporeans coming together to support and love each other.

Of cos, the highlight of the event was the pink light up after sunset and the crowd joined Lim Yu-beng to sing True Colours.

I always make it a point to attend Pink Dot to show my solidarity. I am very glad that my sister is able to join me this year.




And for bonus, there were topless hunk promoting Share Tea, cute guy carrying giant rainbow bear and pink angel giving massage.