What Really Happened at Singapore Blog Awards 2013

6 July 2013 was my first time attending the Singapore Blog Awards. It’s like what was being quoted in the promotional video, the Singapore Blog Awards is more than an award ceremony, it is also an annual gathering where bloggers can come together to mingle and know each other.

Other than the enthusiastic emcee Elaine Kuek (from OKTO) cracking a few jokes on stage and the Best Dressed Award competition, there wasn’t any entertainment on stage. But fear not! Cos we bloggers are a fun-loving batch of people who are good at self-entertaining.


1000998_10151584451419584_2056813569_n 1004008_10151584456364584_1811810626_n 945678_10151584451999584_1362958225_n

Many bloggers showed off their best moves on stage in an attempt to wow the audience and win votes for Best Dressed.


For a minute, Colin Chang was the roadside Char Kway Teow boy offering free packets in exchange for more votes as Best Dressed. 

970271_10151584461809584_1014922446_n 1005606_10151584459929584_797953995_n

Smith Leong attempting to do a striptease, fortunately for us, he was stop by the mata (police man). 

Below are 9 secrets bloggers used for self-entertainment, please do not try them at home.

Method 1: Camwhoring with friends

1002103_10151584465129584_1933310070_n 1013444_10151584432479584_792743967_n 1014006_10151584469609584_1824845227_n 1005077_10151584434229584_48303625_n

Camwhoring is fun and it can be done with different kinds of hand gestures, with the V being the forever popular pose. 

Method 2: Self-cam / self-pic

1016357_10151584432454584_1207478486_n 1003691_10151584432004584_1875842574_n

Tired of asking someone to help you take photos? Technology has allowed most cameras to be versatile with an option for self-cam. Why take photo alone when you can take with a friend, right?  

Method 3: Posing (with or without the backdrop)

485433_10151584465494584_1882114938_n 996516_10151584465464584_2005176023_n 1013590_10151584468914584_1346241774_n 942360_10151584468909584_96944318_n

Obviously Smith Leong is a poser. And he does it shamelessly everything, with or without a backdrop. Ying Zi (left, below) demonstrating the correct way of posing with a backdrop. 

Method 4: Bring your partner with you to the event 

1005898_10151584425534584_1742972803_n 1044589_10151584465074584_1856610065_n

Don’t like to take photos? No problem, just ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to attend the event with you. Pretending to be talking about secret and everyone will leave you two alone.

Method 5: Surprise birthday party

1045208_10151584463479584_2064736674_n 1045099_10151584464234584_1927442697_n

A sweet surprise for our Minute Man, Colin planned by Music Girl, Mint Leong. Even the emcee paused for a minute to sing and wish our boy, ‘Happy Birthday!’

Method 6: Take photo with your award (only if you are a winner)

1012807_10151584449664584_338066875_n 1004456_10151584438459584_1446051476_n

If you have it, flare it. No winner can escape other people asking for them to pose with their awards. 

Method 7: Posing with random objects, i.e. GOOD MORNING Towel or spatula 

969341_10151584469569584_1598722770_n 998839_10151584462539584_1423304519_n

Random props are fun items. Joyce and Colin showing you that a towel and kitchen utensil are more than just daily items. 

Method 8: Take photo with celebrity filmmaker, Jack Neo

1283_10151584450954584_1197489134_n 947230_10151584449594584_1528898346_n

If I wasn’t so busy taking photos of them and helping them take photos, I would have also requested to have my photo taken with Jack Neo. After all, I grew up watching his Monday entertainment nights on Channel 8.

Method 9: More photo shots after the event

544388_10151585145159584_1975787910_n 600238_10151585144929584_1499117577_n 972023_10151585146844584_1463411624_n

After the event, I went with Regina and Karen for a drink at Liang Court. After that the girls wanted to have more shots taken with their sponsored apparel by the river side.  

Personal thoughts on Singapore Blog Awards 2013

I really hope that next time, Omy.sg can allow bloggers, who are selected to cover for the event, access to the VIP area, so we can take portrait shots of the VIP and invited guests. My disappointment is that I didn’t managed to take a good picture of the guest-of-honour, Mr Lawrence Wong (Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth / Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information), and the two judges who were present (Keith Png & Walter Lim).

1000687_10151584442739584_1495058854_n 995894_10151584439739584_634590463_n 1005914_10151584439744584_1363239931_n

1013785_10151584441544584_161335198_n 1044695_10151584441894584_1936138843_n

Light-hearted moments: Mr Lawrence Wong playing Scissors, Paper, Stone on stage with Jasmine Koh (left picture above) from Scissors Paper Stone Blog. And Mr Wong checking out Ai Sakura’s sexy back (right picture above).

Sweet Summer with Taiwan Beer

Taiwan Beer marks one year anniversary of Gold Medal Taiwan Beer and Sweet Touch Fruit Beer series in Singapore at Beerfest Asia 2013 and introduces two new fruit beers to suppress the summer heat.


Launched at Beerfest Asia 2013, Kaimay Trading Pte Ltd which distribute Taiwan Beer, is introducing two new fruit-flavoured beers to Singapore’s market. Following the success of its Fruit Beer series, the two new additions Grape Fruit Beer and Orange Fruit Beer, bottled under the Taiwan Beer brand, are perfect for Asian cuisines, local snacks and pastas.


Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series are easy-drinking beers with excellent fruit aroma and balancing dry sweetness. These fruit-flavoured beers have relatively low alcohol content of 2.8 % and contain at least 5% real fruit juice, from freshly-picked Taiwanese produces. They stand out from existing fruit beers which often just contains flavourings or lower real fruit juice content.

DSC03125 DSC03126 DSC03094 DSC03124

In addition, the double fermentation process yields a clean brew, giving these beers a crisp taste.These beers are a harmonious marriage of real fruit juice with the Gold Medal Taiwan Beer. They leave a crisp finish and clean palate, eliminating the harsh bitterness of normal beers.

Taiwan Beer is owned by the Taiwanese government, initially developed as a way to help fruit farmers market their fruit produce, Taiwan Beer is Taiwan’s best-selling beer brand and is one of the most recognized brands in Taiwan’s business world.

DSC03084 DSC03131 DSC03128 DSC03127

In 2012, Kaimay launched Gold Medal Taiwan Beer, Sweet Touch Lychee Fruit Beer and White Grape Fruit Beer to Singapore, in response to the increasing number of consumers who are seeking alternatives to traditional brews. Kaimay extended their fruit beer range with Sweet Touch Green Apple Fruit Beer, Taiwan Beer Mango Fruit Beer and Pineapple Fruit Beer.


In search of an invigorating brew, Taiwan Beer developed a lager beer with a citrus twist – the Orange Fruit Beer. The citric acidity keeps the taste buds fresh and alert. The orange zest complements the underlying beer, making the Orange Beer a refreshing beverage.

With a unique formulate, the grapes’ aromatics integrate well with beer to form a perfect match. The rich fragrance is noticeable in the Grape Fruit Beer; immersing the drinker to a relaxing vineyard setting. The fruit character intensity has been set to pair well with the award-winning brew.

Taiwan Beer has also appointed one of my favorite Taiwanese actors, Chris Wang (王宥勝) to be their brand ambassador.

969528_523045641065499_1849100274_n 270956_512407585462638_1703496752_n

Taiwan Beer is available at all leading retail supermarkets and selected bars and pubs in Singapore.

Like their Facebook page to be the first to know their latest promotions and new products!

Battle for the next Hawker King

The time has come. Once again, hawkers at Food Republic battle out for the crown to be the next Hawker King!


Last Thursday, we were invited by Food Republic for a food tasting session at their newly re-open ‘White Garden’ theme food court at Suntec City. Located at Fountain Terrace, Food Republic continues their commitment to serve quality food at affordable prices.

20895_10151447058744584_1322004573_n 522124_10151447060834584_979279072_n

Back for the second year, “Food Republic Hawker Kings” is an initiative to motivate existing food operators within the Food Republic chain to enhance their offerings to the patrons.  The organizers hope to recognize and honour the food operators that have committed to excellent dining experiences with top rated cuisines and warm personable experiences.

From 8 to 26 May 2013, vote for your favourite hawker now and propel them to the top 10 list!

Voters will be rewarded with instant privileges and stand a chance to win up to $8,000 worth of prizes.

How to Vote:

1) Send your SMS in the following format to 1460 77877:

Enter ZBFR <Space> Hawker Number <Space> NRIC <Space> Name <Space> Email Address or Mailing Address

Example: ZBFR 01 S8530540Z John Heng 98164512 john@gmail.com

2) Log on to www.foodrepublic.com.sg/hawkerkings,

Food Republic Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FoodRepublicSingapore) or

7UP Singapore Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/7UPSingapore) to submit your votes.

547315_10151447058579584_1222546436_n 547435_10151447061299584_534891549_n

[Left: Tiffany from MissyTiffany.com showing off her skill to balance a 7Up can.]

The highlight for the session is of course the food tasting itself. Here are some of the stalls and dishes you can find in this White Garden theme food court filled with treasure of hawker delights!

536997_10151447058184584_794176019_n 528242_10151447058334584_934486506_n

Chinatown Tan’s Tutu – Peanut & Coconut Tutu Kueh @ $1.40 (for 2 pieces)

558848_10151447058209584_2103051535_n 545934_10151447058304584_1099273799_n

Sergeant Hainanese Chicken Rice – Chicken Rice Set Meal @ $6.50

549101_10151447058454584_375904634_n 537154_10151447058514584_1652602096_n

Chai’s Original Sliced Fish Soup – Bittergourd Double Fish Bee Hoon Soup @ $5.00

547497_10151447058659584_1942895176_n 549008_10151447058694584_138606822_n

Yong Soon Dough Fritters – Soya Bean drink & You Tiao @ $2.60

73192_10151447058759584_1567606493_n 544873_10151447058894584_1331369442_n 73383_10151447054134584_235977103_n 62826_10151447058864584_308402969_n

[Left: Christina from HuneyZWorld.blogspot.com smitten the taste of dosa.]

533619_10151447058954584_19390302_n 602230_10151447058829584_2117519102_n

Saravanna Bhavan – Special Dosa with Masala @ $4.60

528448_10151447059184584_426653175_n 644373_10151447059639584_82371806_n 524222_10151447059479584_1118499847_n 77115_10151447059399584_62921928_n

[Left: dOnn from dOnnlicious.com and Missy Tiffany trying out Thunder Tea Rice for the first time. Right: Ying Zi from whirlwind-dreamz.blogspot.sg having fun mixing up the Thunder Tea Rice.]

Thunder Tea Rice – Thunder Tea Brown Rice @ $5.50

77190_10151447059599584_2109130866_n 541447_10151447059979584_972606591_n

Formosa Delights – Dao Xiao Mian @ $6.00

12413_10151447059069584_2077862439_n 10012_10151447059024584_1627224501_n

Ya Fu Mini Wok Delights – Kung Pao Chicken Rice @ $6.00

521573_10151447059864584_2019017342_n 562648_10151447059769584_1075282565_n

Gu Zao Mian (Traditional Noodles) – No. 1 Kway Tiao @ $6.00

558702_10151447059839584_421159455_n 12378_10151447059699584_795183197_n

Zhong Hua Curry Rice – Curry Chicken @ $5.00

482814_10151447060059584_1709072388_n 165401_10151447060204584_1496890691_n

Baek Doo San Korean – Seafood Tofu Soun @ $6.80

544728_10151447060209584_12503276_n 557996_10151447060099584_993877496_n

What You Do Prata – Chicken Briyani Set @ $5.50

539809_10151447060004584_2118208673_n 526527_10151447060159584_1118703212_n

Guan Chee HK Roast Duck – 5 Combination Platter (duck, char siew, roast pork, chicken and sausage) @ $28.00

559990_10151447060249584_1293282376_n 541763_10151447060379584_1648879722_n

Fortune Food – Popiah @ $2.00

11735_10151447060659584_1416502715_n 165406_10151447061249584_80528999_n

Gazza Pasta – Spaghetti Creamy Mushroom & Salmon @ $6.80

549065_10151447060489584_2080922808_n 73385_10151447060814584_2098809430_n

Toast Box – Peanut Butter Thick Toast @ $1.70

44859_10151447061024584_1449311662_n 19089_10151447060764584_1265682493_n

Shoku Okini – Kushikatsu 7-stick set @ $24.50

541535_10151447060684584_2044359981_n 562318_10151447061139584_1897477100_n

Fu Lin Yong Tofu – 6 piece meal @ $5.50

644720_10151456313178500_925969319_n 58093_10151456334073500_304556945_n

Food Republic at Suntec City is now open, Monday through Sunday, including public holidays.

Unit address: #B1-115 to 120 & #B1- 126/127 (near Fountain Terrace)