Top Destinations for Photographers In Japan


Japan is a country that is full of exotic beauty, captivating sceneries and numerous marvelous attraction sites that renders everyone who would want to have a spectacular vacation a splendid experience and a memorable experience. Although travelling to Japan can be challenging due to language barrier and the bureaucratic processes that are necessary to visit this magnificent land. All you can never forget is you camera or photograph. Remember that a ‘picture speaks a thousand words’ and since during your vacation then you will encounter numerous places that will be worth memorable.

It is prudent that what you record will forever make you feel like your visit was worthwhile. Therefore, for any travel enthusiast, and photographer who wants to have a spectacular experience, it would be very recommended if you traveled to Japan not just to have the best experiences but also to have the opportunity to photograph the most memorable and beautiful places ever. Some of these sites that are worth taking photos of include :

This is one spot that is considered a world heritage site by the United nations and a national treasure in Japan. Actually, Himeji-Jo is one of the most beautiful and the finest Japanese architecture that have survived for quite a long time dating from the early 17th century. Its beauty can never be passed by any enthusiastic photographer and anyone who would want to ensure the memory of his or her tour to Japan remains.

Festival Float, Hirosaki
This is one of the brilliantly decorated and designed lantern, that stands out the in the summer night sky during the Neputa Festival in Horosaki. This place was built in a fan shape and depicts warriors and is accompanied with drums. Actually this festival features numerous activities such as traditional music and dances and features various costumes as part of the Japanese cultural element. This is one occasion that you can not only afford to miss but also to take pictures of, for your own gallery.


Azaleas In Bloom
This is a colorful garden with numerous clusters of beautiful plants and flowers outside Tokyo and is renowned for its fantastic artistic looks. This is one place that not acts as a recreational and a spiritual spot for the Japanese but its beauty looks good to both the eyes and in the camera. One of the best photographers’ destination for sure.


The Bamboo Forest In Arashiyama
This spot is known for its vertiginous growth and the soaring bamboo stalks that seems to rise so high thus dwarfing the visitors. Although the bamboo is known to have numerous uses in Japan to which it is used to make various objects such as the baskets, dolls, flutes, benches, pipes, and even artifacts for the Japanese tea ceremonies. These Bamboos at this spot offers a beautiful picture that is worth taking a photograph.


Mount Fuji
This is a snow capped mountain that cast a very bright spot on the frozen surface of lake Yamanaka. This is one of the Japanese enduring symbol of serenity and strength. On some clear day the mountains iconic peak can be seen from as far as Tokyo which is 70 miles away. Its beauty is worth reckoning and to any photographer this is one spot that you can never miss to picture.

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Brunei: Royal Empire State of Mind

In the last part of this travel series, Malcolm ventured into the finer side of life with a night stay the grandest hotel in Brunei, his two cents worth on the service by Royal Brunei Airlines as well as his experience as “Prince Charming” when he rode a horse through the woods.  DSC02601 If you’re wondering why I haven’t mentioned about my flight experience with Royal Brunei Airlines, well, I’m saving the best for the last. The royal treatment from Royal Brunei Airlines began before our departure flight. Upon reaching Changi Airport Terminal 2, we were welcome by Royal Brunei Airlines’ Country Manager for Singapore, Ms G.Wen Lim who gladly ushered us to the Premier Check-In Lounge for our check-in. IMG_1615 The Premiere Lounge is usually reserved for those flying First or Business Class but we had the privilege to experience the express check-in service. This new lounge offers premium passengers of participating airlines the exclusivity of checking in at a private lounge with direct access to the immigration area. Passengers also get to enjoy the lounge’s luxurious facilities, including lounge seating, light refreshments, television and a variety of newspapers and periodicals. IMG_1618 We’re given specially assigned seats and I was seated on the front row and there were a lot of leg room for my long legs to stretch during the 2-hour flight to Brunei. Religion (in particular, Islam) is an integrated part of Brunei’s culture and before taking off, there is an in-flight blessing. I was actually looking forward to it as it’s an cultural experience to me. IMG_9346 IMG_9349 Royal Brunei Airlines offer a wide selection of special in-flight meals to cater for different needs. I pre-selected the Low Calorie Meal while Tiffany had the High Fibre Meal. On the return flight, I chose to go with the regular selection. One travel tip to share, always order a special meal, in that way, you always get the food serve to you first. IMG_1635 Low Calorie Meal (above) – with grilled salmon, salad and fresh fruits  IMG_1636 High Fibre Meal (above) – With chicken breast, seasonal vegetables and fruits  IMG_9543 Normal In-flight Meal – Beef (above) with cake and coleslaw  IMG_9544 Normal In-flight Meal – Chicken (above) with cake and coleslaw  Upon our arrival at Brunei International Airport, we were welcome by Royal Brunei Airlines Communication Officer, Muaz Al Rashid and our tour guide, Tom Chong from Sunshine Borneo Tours. Tom has been a wonderful guide, very knowledge in terms of his country’s history and culture and very professional. He was always the first time to arrive and had to wait for us to get ready. IMG_9377 IMG_9326 Fast forward to the last evening of our tour, we arrived at Brunei’s most magnificent hotel – The Empire Hotel & Country Club. This was my love-hate part of the trip. I seriously wish I had arrived in the grandest hotel in Brunei in style, with my suit on and looking hot for a date, but instead I was dressed in wet T-shirt with damp shorts after our snorkeling trip. DSC02409 I tried to behave nonchalant when the hotel staff served us our welcome drink and attempted to soak in the beauty of the sunset as the backdrop of the lobby balcony. Soon after, we were personally escorted to our individual rooms where we’ll get to enjoy for the night. DSC02466 DSC02413 DSC02416 Having worked for The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore and stayed a few times there, the feeling of stepping into The Empire Hotel’s room was still very impressive. Indeed, it is comparable to a Ritz but with a style of its own. I went under the warm shower to clean off the sea water and still had time to make myself a mocktail consisting of Perrier and mango juice from the mini bar, with compliments from the hotel. DSC02446IMG_9491 IMG_9490 While waiting for our van to pick us up to meet the Bruneian bloggers, we spot a car with the Singapore flag. Upon enquiry, we realised that President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan was in Brunei for meeting and he was staying in the same room as us. What chance! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA But too bad I didn’t manage to get a photo with him. But one of my friends who is working in Brunei was invited to a dinner with President Tony Tan the next day. How lucky! DSC02462 DSC02464 After having breakfast like a king, we were all excited about the next part of the itinerary which is the site inspection of the hotel. We were first brought to a deluxe room at the other side of the wing. DSC02471 DSC02472 DSC02473 Of course, all of us were mesmerized when we came to the Empress Suite. The suit itself is bigger than the 4-room flat I live in. And we also had the chance to view an Ambassador Suite, of which our President was hosted in one Ambassador Suites. DSC02480 DSC02482 DSC02484 DSC02503 DSC02505 DSC02508 DSC02599DSC02586 DSC02597 DSC02587 DSC02588 DSC02590 DSC02593 We also had the chance to view one of the resorts and a tour of the sports and health facilities before a good exchange with Brunei Tourism officers over lunch. I gave my personal comments on how Brunei should showcase not just their eco-tourism but also as a multi-destination for golfing and scuba diving. DSC02525 DSC02527 DSC02540 DSC02541 DSC02542 DSC02544 DSC02549 DSC02563 DSC02553 DSC02557 A short break after lunch and we were  on our way for the final activity before departure –  horse riding at Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club, which is just 5 minutes drive away from The Empire Hotel. It was my first time being on the back of a horse and doing a “gangnam style” through the woods. I felt like a prince being escorted on a horse through the forest in a fairytale. DSC02625 DSC02661 DSC02639 DSC02635 DSC02641 DSC02649 DSC02658 DSC02667 DSC02668 The entire journey has been an eye-opening experience for us, and I feel very honoured to be selected as one of the participants to go to Brunei and to share it’s hidden treasures with my readers and friends. DSC02603 Special thanks to Brunei Tourism and Royal Brunei Airlines for the generous hospitality. For more information: Brunei Tourism – Brunei Tourism Logo Royal Brunei Airlines – (website), (Facebook) Weekend & diving SIN edm 600px The Empire Hotel & Country Royal Brunei Polo & Riding Club is located at Jerudong BG3122, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Tel: +673 261 0524 Email: IMG_4788 Check out my previous travel posts on Brunei and what my travel companions had to say about this trip: Malcolm Sunny’s blog posts The Charming Night Glow of Brunei Conversations with Mother Nature at Ulu Temburong National Park A Tour of Brunei’s National Treasures Andy Storm’s blog posts Brunei: A Kingdom of unexpected treasure Day 1 Brunei: A Kingdom of unexpected treasure Day 2 Brunei: A Kingdom of unexpected treasure Day 3  Brunei: A Kingdom of unexpected treasure Day 4 Tiffany Yong’s blog posts Flying with Royal Brunei Airlines Ulu Ulu Resort: Digital Detox made FUN Luxury Stay at Empire Hotel & Country Club Renzze’s blog posts Part 1: From Singapore to Brunei Part 2: Brunei Night Experiences Part 3: The Journey into the Pristine Rainforest of Brunei  Part 4: Finding peace in the heart of a rainforest Part 5: Peering above the Rainforest Part 6: Venice of the East – Kampong Ayer Part 7: Under the sea in Brunei Part 8: Meeting with Brunei Bloggers Part 9: The Empire Hotel and Country Club in Brunei Part 10: Horse Riding and a sweet farewell Deenise’s blog posts Discover Brunei: Brunei by Night – Mosque Visits and Night Markets Discover Brunei: Ulu Temburong National Park Discover Brunei: Canopy Treetop Walk, Cultural City Tour and Snorkeling Trip Discover Brunei: The Empire Hotel and Dinner with Bruneian Bloggers Discover Brunei: The Final and Bitter-Sweet Goodbyes  Discover Brunei: Travel with Me And View Brunei Through My Lens “Save time, pay less, travel more – Get cheaper air tickets and hotel rooms with“.

Goodie Old Times

Into its ninth year and gotten bigger with support from 19 corporate partners, 21 community partners and more than 250 volunteers, the Singapore HeritageFest 2012 is set to reach out to Singaporeans to “Recollect, Reflect and Reconnect”.


We woke up early on a Saturday morning to rush down to Velocity@Novena Square to support Irene Ang, who is the emcee for the opening of the HeritageFest. Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts was present to grace the event as the guest of honour.


Dr Yaacob Ibrahim mentioned in his speech, “I am heartened that Singaporeans are not only demonstrating a stronger interest in our heritage, but also taking a more active role in keeping our heritage alive. This edition of the Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) has seen more individuals and community groups coming forward to participate in and shape the Festival.”




This year’s SHF is spread over 9 Festival Hubs and 2 Satellite Hubs around the island. With Sports as its main theme at Velocity, the exhibition showcases the sporting history of our nation and celebrates the achievements of our countrymen and women in the realm of sports.


The programme for the opening of SHF features the cultural richness of the different ethnic groups with appearance from some of our favorite comedians such as Patricia Mok and Suhaimi Yusof.




I was interviewed by Lianhe Zaobao and quoted saying that I welcomed the idea that the National Heritage Board (NHB) offers free entry to its museums in August and it will now be a yearly affair. For those of us who are sick of shopping in the malls, we can spend the afternoon of weekends visiting the permanent galleries and selected exhibitions of these museums.


There are really a lot of things to do from now till 29 July. You can immerse in Football Fever at Century Square (Tampines), check out Void Decks at Changi City Point, find out more about Traditional Toys and Games at Tiong Bahru Plaza, recollect memories of our National Monuments at Hougang Mall, experience Peranakan Heritage at 112 Katong or go Shopping for Gold at Causeway Point. For the movie buffs, you can relive the Golden Age of Singapore Cinema at Bugis Junction  or see Singapore through the lenses of 10 local short film-makers at Jurong Point.

Heritage Trails await you at Tiong Bahru CC, Sembawang CC, CHIJ Katong Convent and Evergreen Secondary School. The Centrepoint brings you flash back to the 1980s with music performances and movie screening. The other satellite hub at Chinatown Visitors Centre has an interactive gallery with display from Rediffusion and walking tours conduct by Chinatown clan associations.



After the launch, it was time for us to feed our soul. We discovered Curry Times operated by Old Chang Kee at #02-33-34 of Velocity. It’s a good place to relax and to soak in its retro, 1960s theme.




We absolutely enjoy the ambience of that eatery and on your way out, remember to reward yourself with some Sugar Gem Cookies!