Trieste. Napoli. Nespresso. What else?


Once again Nespresso has continued to surprise and delight its Club Members and coffee lovers through the launch of two unique favours (Trieste and Napoli) named after the two Italian cities, Trieste and Naples, at Savour 2013.

DSC02107 DSC02139

The Nespresso Trieste Limited Edition Grand Cru is a reflection of the rich and varied cultural experience that the city of Trieste offers. Trieste sits at the crossroads of Italian, Germanic and Slavic cultures. Coffee in Trieste can be taken with milk, without milk, long or short. The inhabitants of Trieste have even created their own specific language around their coffee – “nero” is an expresso. “capo” is with a dash of milk and coffee served in a glass rather than the usual china cup is called “in b”.

The Trieste Limited Edition with a delicate blend of Arabica beans is characterised by a rounded texture with notes of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts. Refreshingly fruity notes bring out an exceptional subtlety in this coffee. Limited Edition Trieste has an intensity level of 9 and is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25ml). For true coffee and milk lovers, the Limited Edition Trieste reveals another aspect of its character when served as a Cappuccino.

DSC02138 DSC02119

Naples is a behemoth of culture in the history of Europe, and a vibrant city in the South of Italy. Coffee has a a special place here, since the end of the 17th century, it has been synonymous with hospitality, friendship and precious moments with family. Neapolitans like to take their coffee only in one way: short and dark – a sharp, jolt to the senses. Naples is also the city where the first domestic appliance to prepare coffee was invented; the caffettiera napoletana.

The Nespresso Napoli Limited Edition is a blend of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta. Bold and assertive with a syrupy body, it is characterised by refined smokey notes. Its aroma has scents of dried black leaves. Limited Edition Napoli has an intensity level of 11 and is best enjoyed as a ristretto (25ml). For an even more authentic taste, enjoy it in an even shorter cup than a ristretto (15-20ml), and it’s traditionally drank with sugar.

DSC02130 DSC02118

DSC02125 DSC02132

To experience the authentic tasting moment for these Limited Edition coffees, Nespresso has created a dedicated box set, containing a sleeve of Trieste and of Napoli, along with four cups and saucers designed in the colours of these Limited Edition coffees.

To win a set of this Limited Edition box set with a sleeve of Trieste and Napoli, simply email to me at and tell me what is your favorite coffee. Contest closes 15 May 2013. Winner will be notified by 17 May 2013. 

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Trieste and Napolo limited editions are available at all Nespresso boutiques for $11.50 per sleeve and the duo pack at $23. For more information, contact Nespresso Singapore toll-free at 800 852 3525 or visit

OWL launches ‘yummy-licious’ White Coffee Tarik

OWL International celebrated the official opening of OWL Cafe last Saturday with brand ambassador, Jeanette Aw and introduced their latest 3-in-1 White Coffee Tarik. Bloggers and friends from the media were invited to OWL Cafe’s Chinese New Year Prosperity & Abundance Celebration at the outlet located in Star Vista for a good treat of great coffee and Straits Asian food.

69239_10151262808421254_327038318_n 32178_10151262807661254_310265351_n

DSC01865 DSC01867

Since 1956, OWL has been producing award-winning Straits Asian coffee. With a commitment to great taste, OWL created its own cafe, venturing into the food & beverage business last year. Since it’s soft launch, OWL Cafe has been serving sumptuous Straits Asian food including the following signature dishes.

DSC01864 DSC01875Left: Snacks before our special menu of the day: Toast, Wedges & Fries

Right: Hae Chor Salad

DSC01879 DSC01880

Left – Spaghetti Laska with Tiger Prawn: Paste in creamy Peranakan-style spicy gravy with fresh tiger prawn

Right – Hainanese Chicken Chop with Rice: Crispy chicken chop served with savoury gravy and fragrance rice

DSC01881 DSC01883

Left – Mixed Seafood Baked Rice: Baked rice served with fresh seafood and chili crab sauce

Right – Assorted Tea Platter: A selection of handmade tea assortments using OWL Kopi-O Gao as a base flavor

DSC01868 DSC01870

To mark the joyous occasion, OWL has also announced the launch of their latest take-home instant coffee – the White Coffee Tarik series include the White Coffee Tarik (Original), White Coffee Tarik (Brown Sugar) and the White Coffee Tarik (Hazelnut). My personal favorite is the White Coffee Tarik (Hazelnut), it contains creamy hazelnut taste to complement the richness of OWL’s White Coffee. It’s a real treat to start the day, especially so for Mondays.

DSC01894  551439_10151262809421254_1485479262_n

OWL Cafe is located at: 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-10/11, Star Vista, Singapore 138617 (next to Buona Vista MRT Station)

For more information on events and promotions, visit their website at:

Also visit Huney’Z World for Christina’s story and more photos:

Taste of the Straits at Owl Cafe

DSC00002 DSC00003

The familiar household name now has a new baby. Walking past Star Vista (shopping mall next to Buona Vista MRT station) one day with my friend, Christina, we spotted this unique contemporary style café serving fusion ‘nanyang’ cuisine.

After a history of 56 years, Owl Coffee (established in 1956) has given birth to an exciting café concept. No one knows coffee and café like Owl, with a story that goes as far back and as far away as the Straits Asia, being a melting pot of different cultures where Straits Asian coffee burst into life.

DSC00004 DSC00011

Enjoy the various blends of authentic Straits Asian-inspired coffee that Owl café has perfected over 50 years of roasting and blending coffee while savoring Straits Asian (Nanyang) food prepared in a creative, fusion manner.

A good place for an affordable lunch or for those looking for a relaxing afternoon of coffee and chat, Owl Café has something to offer to everyone.

DSC00017 DSC00014

Owl Cafe is a great place for lunch or dinner. Start off your meal with a glass refreshing Mango Soda or a cup of Gula Melaka Kopi follow by Hae Chor Salad with Oriental Dressing before proceeding to try their Spaghetti with Laksa Sauce.

DSC00022 DSC00023

If you work near Holland Village, come down to this cafe located at Star Vista besides Buona Vista MRT station and try the high recommended Assam Chicken Wings or have the Assam Mango Chicken with Nasi Kuning for lunch!

DSC00025 DSC00021

Relax the weekend afternoon with a cuppa while savoring the declicious Roti Bakar Assam Nanas (tamarind sauce topped with ham and pineapple slices) or their Otak-otak Toast. Coffee lovers should a taste of the famous 100% authentic Kopi Luwak (civet coffee served with coffee caviar).

DSC00033 DSC00018

A meal is not complete with a happy ending. Choose between Chendol (with jackfruit slices), Glory Hitam or Soya Bean Curd. In need of a weekly/monthly dose durian? Try the recommended Durian Pengat, just remember to share it with your friends!