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11 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hey there!

    I came across your blog. the pictures of treehouse villa is amazing and I want to hold my party there in June/July of 2015. are these months considered peak periods? How many months in advance would you say to book the treehouse villa to secure a place? at this time i’m not too fussed about the options (2 or 3 bedroom villa) as I’m sure I can find arrangements later on.. also is there a place i can set up a dj booth near? 🙂

    Thanks xxx

    • Hello Jaskiran, June school holiday is definitely a peak period. July may be better time to host your party. For non-peak, I think 2 months are sufficient, for peak, I won’t be surprised if you will probably need to book now.

    • Hello, as mentioned in my article, the resort is meant as a welfare benefit for SAF staff. Hence it will be challenging if your family or friends are not working there. If you have family or friends in MINDEF, you can try asking, they may be able to help.

  2. Hi Malcolm,
    I love your post on affordable designer furniture! Could you feature more of such post. For example, top 10 affordable furniture stores in Singapore (vhive, Novena, etch&bolts etc.)?

  3. Hellloo…i wanna ask if they have SAF card they can book the chalet on the april 2015 and get on the may 2015?lastly how to book the chalet?we need to directly go to the place izit at the treehouse villa to book?

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