Panasonic Econavi: The race for eco-friendly products

Couple of weeks ago, Christina and I were invited to witness the crowning of the winners for Panasonic’s The Ultimate Navi Race – an eco-friendly theme game where contestants from 7 countries around the region battled it out for the grand prize of $10,000.

The Ultimate Navi Race is based on five Sensory elements that form the crux of ECONAVI technology, namely Human Activity, Memory, Temperature, Light and Load, testing contestants’ skills on mimicking these sensors.

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The race is aimed at creating awareness about Panasonic’s intelligent, eco-friendly ECONAVI technology in a range of home appliances. Each appliance in the range utilises sophisticated sensors and program control technologies to achieve optimal energy saving performance.

On-event, finalists from Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia ran the gauntlet of five games, requiring them, among other things, to memorise and act out a set of recorded poses, overcome obstacles, run against the pull of a bungee cord, fill a receptacle with a set amount of water while in a state dizziness, and push their reflexes to the limit.

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“ECONAVI is one huge step in reinforcing our goals and The Ultimate Navi Race was a regional initiative to create awareness among the consumers. The game as a whole was an attempt to showcase this groundbreaking technology, through a tangible and simplified platform and we are delighted with the overwhelming response. The unparalleled benefits offered through ECONAVI technology, not just economically but also ecologically in the long run, are truly noteworthy,” said Katsuhisa Sato, Deputy Managing Director, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Asia Pacific.

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Panasonic’s line-up of ECONAVI electronics and home appliances, ranging from air conditioners, refrigerators and washers, is designed specifically to maximise energy savings and reduce water consumption in one’s household. The ECONAVI technology concept applies high precision human sensor and control program technologies to optimise appliances operations according to environmental conditions without ever compromising the comfortable lifestyle of its owner.


ECONAVI-Optimised Air Conditioners

Features: Utilises high-precision Human Activity Sensor to moderate the temperature according to room usage. This smart technology senses human existence and how much activity is occurring, then automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so that less energy is used. The Sunlight Sensor detects changes in sunlight intensity in the room and makes adjustments to temperature according to the time and weather conditions of the day.

Energy Savings: These sensors result in reduced electricity usage for cooling by up to 35%1.

Models available: N series (Econavi) Price: starting from S$ 1299


ECONAVI-Optimised Refrigerators

Features: The technology incorporated in an ECONAVI Refrigerator uses four sensors – 1) light, 2) door opening, 3) room temperature and 4) internal temperature sensor – to analyse total energy use. It adapts to the user’s lifestyle and save energy through efficient cooling. ECONAVI detects the level of lighting in the room, when and how often the fridge door is opened, as well as internal and external temperature levels. Based on this, it controls the refrigerator’s internal temperature for greater energy saving, taking into account the user’s living environment and how they use the refrigerator.

Energy Savings: Through its sensors, ECONAVI helps reduce power consumption by up to 40%, as compared to a conventional model2.

Models available: BW-X series (415, 465), BY-X series (602), F series (555,602) Price (RCP): starting from S$ 1,099

TopLoadWasher FrontLoadWasher

ECONAVI-Optimised Washers

Features: With the innovative 3D sensor, ECONAVI-optimised washers can precisely measure the amount of clothing inside the drum and adapt the energy and water needed for each wash, reducing the total water used. The Inverter technology also receives information from the 3D sensor to determine the amount of drum rotations needed.

Energy Savings: For the front-loading washers, ECONAVI delivers up to 45% shorter wash time, up to 45% less power usage and up to 40% less water usage3.

Models available: G Series (9 / 10kg), Front Load X series (8 / 10kg) Price (RCP): starting from S$ 649 (Top), 1499 (Front)

Panasonic Econavi products are sold at all good retailers.

Sunny Sunday

Another weekend. Yesterday I had fun with Christina and Winston, enjoying ourselves at the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2012 held at The Cathay.

Woke up this morning feeling sleepy. Argh! I slept through and didn’t complete my school assignment!

In need of motivation, I headed over to Froz Bakery at Bedok North.

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly-baked banana walnut muffin couple with cuppa of kopi-o. The warm banana simply melts in my mouth. The bitterness of the kopi-o balances off the sweetness of the apple, lemon, cinnamon of the other muffin.

Part of my mind was filled with the imaginary of the mountains of Middle Earth as I browse through Frommer’s New Zealand guide. Ah, yes.. heaven can wait, I need to go to Kiwi Land first.

Motivated. Now back to my assignments. Onward to completion. Sunny Sunday!


Back to Work

After 17 days of missing from action, I’m finally back to work today!

I must say, reservist is a good break from work. As a Cpl in the army, I’m excused from two and a half weeks of thinking. Meals and activities are planned for daily so I simply have to do is to follow instructions from the commanders. And it’s a good opportunity to network. I got to make three new friends during this in-camp training (ICT).

This morning, I was having withdrawal after such a long break, part of me was worried and depressed about the volcanic piles of paperwork and emails waiting to erupt on me, and the other part of me was missing my friends a work. I didn’t get to celebrate a colleague’s birthday since I was in camp.

So I got pranked by them today! My co-worker conned me into pouring this mini pack of candy into my mouth. “Very nice!” she exclaimed.

Immediately, once in contact with my saliva, these innocent looking red bits turned my mouth into Fourth of July. They exploded like fireworks on my tongue. Taken by surprise, my eyes were leaking tears from this uncalled sensation.

What a way to end my mad rush Thursday with this homecoming prank! It’s Friday tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. :*)


Fun in SpunkPunkFunk

Up-and-coming local designer, Jen Su has opened her new shop, SpunkPunkFunk at  The Cathay. Her outlet located at level 1 next to 7-eleven is full of modern fusion and Lady Gaga’s closet style clothing.

Yesterday after Pink Dot, Roger drove us up from Hong Lim Park to Orchard Road to check out Jen’s new shop. Roger Poon is one of the international VJs at iN 988, a premium internet broadcasting station based in Singapore. He is an ultra funny guy and you can catch his online show every Saturday at 9am.







I was introduced to Jen Su as I was researching to write an article for the Peranankan Magazine on modern fusion, Peranankan-inspired fashion in Singapore. So if you know of any local designers with funky modern batik style label, please let me know.