Hang in there!

It’s going to get better! 


I saw this image yesterday on Facebook. At the first glance, I tend to focus on the mighty ant which is holding onto the twig patiently waiting for the snail to climb steadily up to the branch. I switch my attention and wonder what could the snail be thinking, “Oh shit, what have I get myself into this time?”

This post is dedicated to all my school mates in SIM University, many of us frequently question why did we enroll ourselves for part-time studies and very so often the examination period clashes with a tough period at work, family or other personal commitment.

In response, let us remember that tough times don’t last but tough people do. So here’s to you – Christina, Crispian, Juli, Max, Michelle, Cecilia, Min, Shamsul, WiWi, Sky and everyone else who is going through exams now. Hang in there! 

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