Run Like Mad! – Ep 1: Power 98 DJs vs Team Gentleman

After waiting for almost a month, Sentosa presents episode 1 of the Run Like Mad! challenge featuring Power 98 DJs and the handsome bloggers of Team Gentleman. (If you have no idea what I’m saying, please read my earlier post here.)

So touched that my screenshot was chosen as the thumbnail of this video (though I think the Sentosa corporate communications team were too lazy to edit what YouTube randomly generated for them).

In Episode 1 of Sentosa’s wacky new game show “Run Like Mad!”, Power 98 DJs and bloggers ran insanely around Palawan Beach to find four hidden Oscars (that’s the fish mascot from Songs of the Sea). We also took part in some unique version of childhood games such as playing Scissors-Paper-Stone with using our facial expression, Giant Five Stones and Twister.

We had a lot of fun throughout and you will find more laughter in these two videos below.. Watch how the Power 98 DJs amused themselves with the forfeits.

The DJs were not trying a new facial but attempting to pick up the letters to form S-E-N-T-O-S-A.

After a lot of running, it was time to recharge by sharing a giant watermelon.

Remember to watch out for Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! featuring the following food bloggers from Team timhoRUN on Sentosa TV:

Miss Tam Chiak –

Jasper Lim –

CY –

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[Photo credit: Sentosa]

Find out what are they doing with butterflies on their hands and faces in Episode 2 of Run Like Mad! Coming soon on

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