Drunk with Bunnies & Chocolates


Finally submitted all my school assignments! I’m left with just four exams papers and it’s the end of school, much to rejoice over. As I was going through my archives I realised I have not posted this. Although it is late but never later than never, right?

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It was a fantastic party with 98.7FM RSVP Party ‘Bunnies & Chocolates 2‘ at DREAM! Why the “2”? I supposed it’s because it’s the second year that they have a kickass party on Easter weekend. We were happy that our favorite DJs from 98.7FM were all presented.

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What is a party without games? There were several games played, but because I was arrived half drunk on the free flow of gin & juice at the VIP area, I couldn’t remember the details. There’s was this game where DJ Rozz and Bobby got the contestants to pair up, then one partner was blindfolded and supposed to throw the chocolate eggs while the friend behind would try to catch.

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And it was time to bring in the girls. The Double Ds, DJ Divian and Dee Kosh, announced the arrival of the FHM girls and suddenly all the guys in the room stop their heartbeat as 40 beautiful ladies catwalked down from the stairs until the center stage.

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And because the game prize was a pair of tokidoki ear phones, I decided to sacrifice  and volunteer myself in hope that I can win the prize and sell it to Christina who was eyeing on it. I didn’t know the rules of the game which I was playing.

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The next time I knew I was hugging a FHM girl and wrapping my arms around her. The participants were each paired up with a FHM girl and given a piece of newspaper. Every time the music stopped, we would have to run and step on the newspaper, which was like a modified version of musical chairs. But the catch is, as the rounds went on, the newspaper were folded smaller and smaller until I was carrying my female partner and caught by the paparazzi.

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All in all, it was a good evening well spent with lots and loads of boozing. I was so drunk I started making new friends with the friendly guests from the next table. I got to know that they were all Taekwondo experts and instructors.

Remember to tune in to listen to 98.7FM for Only the Hits and find out how to win tickets for the next 987 RSVP party! http://radio.mediacorp.sg/RadioLive/987FM.aspx

DREAM is located at Block 3C River Valley Road, Singapore 179022 (where the former Zirca at Clark Quay is).

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