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The deal is set and the challenge is on. Team Gentlemen is ready to play and win that W Hotel stay at Sentosa Island. Even the lack of sleep (I had only slept for two hours as I was working the night before) will not distract us on winning the grand prize.

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Team Gentlemen, comprising of four bloggers (Isaac, Dennis, Wilsurn and myself) battled out with Team Power (DJs from Power 98 – Sonja Steinzmetz, Eillot Danker, Mister Young and Michael Young) through a series of challenges on 20 April in a test of wits and endurance.

Organised by Sentosa, Run Like Mad is a hybrid game, modelled after popular reality TV shows Running Man and the Amazing Race. Four teams will battle it out for the grand prize of W Hotel stay. The first episode is Us vs Team Power and the second episode is Food Bloggers vs Twitter followers. Winners of the two episode will challenge in the third episode for the grand prize.

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At 9.45 am, Saturday morning, the kiasu Team Power (Sonja Steinmetz, Elliot Danker, Michael Tan, Mister Young) were busy stretching and conducting warm up exercise while we were occupying our time camwhoring because there is also a prize for the picture with the most ‘likes’ on Instagram (#runlikemad @sentosa_island) so please support us by going to @isaac976 to like our wacky pics.

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Th first clue led us to Palawan Beach where we are supposed to find Oscar (the colourful pterois miles from Song of the Sea) among a mess of colourful ice-cream. We managed to arrive there first but Team Power located Oscar before we did.

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Hope is not lost. Even though we couldn’t find the first clue, we won the first challenge – a game of Scissor-Paper-Stone played using our faces instead of hands. For the first forfeit,  Team Power had to find the pieces of alphabets that made up the word ‘S.E.N.T.O.S.A.‘ from a tray of flour. The DJs were rewarded with a early morning facial.

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For the second clue, we raced to Port of Lost Wonder to find the second Oscar plushie.  We searched high and low among the garden and it was DJ Michael Tan who managed to find it.

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Power 98 DJ Michael Tan happily posing with the two Oscars he found (from the first & second clue). The Sentosa TV man appeared to explain the second challenge – teams were to play a game of giant Five Stones, forfeit awaiting the loser team.

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It was a breeze for us and my team easily won the second challenge. We sat in a corner and watched the DJs eating a large slice of watermelon without the help of their hands for the second forfeit.

Determined to find the third Oscars, the third clue brought us to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Team Gentlemen’s Dennis was the first to race up the tower and secured the third Oscars, saving us from losing and continued to stay in the game.

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The third challenge is a sexy game of Twister. Dennis and Mister Young were the surviving constants but it was Mister Young from Team Power who won the challenge. For the third forfeit, we had an extreme make over, with the DJs drawing on our faces with markers!

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The fourth and final clue was hidden in the Bird Aviary of Animal & Bird Encounters, I had to keep the suspense here and let you find out through Sentosa TV which team found the final Oscars and what was the ultimate forfeit.


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Right now, the video producers are busy editing our episode but it will be uploaded on Sentosa’s YouTube channel soon. This weekend, the food bloggers will be challenging Sentosa’s Twitter followers, for ‘live feed’, follow @Sentosa_Island with hashtag #RunLikeMad.

Also, tune in to the new Power 98 at www.Power98.com.sg

Team Gentlemen and their web link:

Isaac976 is a passionate racer and tech geek who blogs at isaacloo.wordpress.com

Dennis is a writer for SuperAdrianMe, covering mostly technology products and events – www.superadrianme.com

Wilsurn is the editor for The Metropolitantmetropolitant.com

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