Biscotti this Christmas


What’s baking this Christmas?

Are you planning for your office year end party, church luncheon or personal Christmas feast with friends? It’s not too late to add some biscotti to your festive cheers!

10 fun facts about Biscotti

1) Butter-free & Oil-free! So you save on the calories but you enjoy a whole lot of goodness.
2) Lovingly handmade and home baked. Put double to the love as they are double baked.
3) Noisy little confections, they are.
4) A cup of coffee is simply not enough. A cup of coffee or tea needs a biscotti, or rather everyone needs a biscotti.
5) Sail like Christopher Columbus as he relied on biscotti during his sea voyage.
6) Say, bee-SCOAT-tee for all you folks out there.
7) Organic is the new in – strictly no preservatives or additives please.
8) They have no qualms being called “dunking” cookies.
9) An Italian classic that has lived through generations to generations.
10) Because they are just good with every bite.

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