More Music. More Enjoyment.

With over 100 years of experience in audio-video business, Denon creates products that can deliver total quality enjoyment, bringing purity of sound and joy to customers’ lives.  In their recent evolution, Denon’s development has produced mobile technologies, allowing customers to experience quality music on the go.

Music Maniac serie

Denon’s high-performance MUSIC MANIAC headphones is the work of master craftmanship. Each and every headphone unit is sure to bring a smile to any audiophile’s face. If you work with audio file or are an music professional, look no further, Music Maniac brings beautiful sound to you in an amazing style.


Globe Cruiser series

The GLOBE CRUISER, designed for the frequent flyer, whether it is in an airport lounge or on board a flight, this headphone is an easy and convenient way to relieve unwanted stress. Forget cords and cables, these high-quality wireless Bluetooth headphones are portable and come with noise-cancelling technology that allows you immerse in a world of your own.

Urban Raver series

Hit the town, throw on your Denon URBAN RAVER headphones, and rock out while doing your own thing. Feel the bass reverberate through your entire body and let the beat of the music charge the beat of your heart. Party on the go with these sleek, stylish design and brilliant light blue high-performance gear.

Exercise Freak series

These wireless, lightweight, stylish, and compact EXERCISE FREAK headphones make for the perfect wear during your run or workout at the gym. The drip-proof and anti-bacterial properties mean worry-free comfort at all times. Thanks to the neckband reflector, these headphones are the perfect companion to your night run. Come in three colours – blue, yellow or black, choose one to fit your personality.

This series of headphones come with different mobile app to suit your lifestyle needs. All series (except Exercise Freak) come with both over-ear headphones and  in-ear headphones for your personal preference. Personally, all the four different sets of headphones and my favorite has got to be the Urban Raver AH-D400.

Denon had a roadshow at Chevron House and Orchard Cineleisure last week. If you have not submitted your photos for their Facebook contest, you can do so before the end of today! Simply  ‘like’ their Facebook page ‘Denon Singapore’ and upload a photo of yourself at the roadshow taken with their headphone or earphone. Hurry, 5 sets of Denon Urban Raver AH-D400 (worth $599) to be won!

For more information, visit Denon website:

Or visit their authorized retailer, Jaben’s Facebook page.

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