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November, 1: Founded in 2007 based on the principle of “Community First, Company Second”, e27 is a media organization focused on the Asian technology startup industry.

e27 believes in building a community of technology innovators across Asia by supporting them with the latest breaking news relevant to technology startups, technology companies and investors through connecting with them through their blog, Facebook, Twitter and events.

To champion the Asian technology ecosystem, e27 organizes monthly Founders Drink, a casual networking event where professionals in a particular field shares insights relevant to technology startups.

Under their invitation, Ms Winifred Chan, the managing director of Barr & Chan Communications Pte Ltd, a public relations consultancy specializing in technology companies shared her advice on how startups and companies should maintain a good relationship with the media and the various tips on how to get media interest in your startup.


1 . News Hook

The first step of the do-it-yourself (DIY) public relations process is to determine what interest your audience and what can become potential topic of new interest. At this brainstorming stage, you also need to determine your target audience and the newspaper you are pitching to.

2. Prepare Your Story

Define who you are and what your company or product is about. Preparing your story is about the Who, What, Where, When Why and How. Define the market need or problem and how your products or services can be the solution. Add in a personal story and remember to include your core competency. And if you are writing for the business press, add on how this can be a potential business opportunity.

3. Press Release

Capped the media release at maximum of 600 words. This piece of article contains your news angle and key messages.

4. Prepare to launch

Great! You have now hit the “send” button and email to your targeted newspaper. Now it’s time to prepare for your media interview. Go through your press release and make sure what you are telling the journalist is in line with your pitch.

5. The Interview Pitch

What is the news angle you are considering? This will determine your pitch to the media. Is your pitch topical?

6. Prepare to Meet the Journalist

Determine the three most important messages you want to share with the journalist. Be clear. Don’t let the journalist interpret your message.

7. Have an Agenda and Stick to It

Finally, a reminder to describe your company succinctly and to articulate your key messages with confidence. Good luck!

Special thanks to:

e27 for organizing the Founders Drinks (remember to check our their website, Facebook and Twitter for the details of the next event)

The Shuffle Bar (3 River Valley Road #02-03, Blk D, Singapore 179023) for the venue space at Clark Quay

Amazon Web Services for sponsoring the light refreshments (pizza platters)

Ms Winifred Chan for her insightful sharing on media relations and press release

Personal Excellent coach, speaker and writer, Celestine Chua for extending the invitation

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  1. Hi Mal!! Great write-up, and it’s nice that you covered the event such that your readers would know about it! For those of you who are interested, Founders’ Drinks happens on the last Thursday of every month at Shuffle Bar. Great chance to network with others in the industry. You can also check out e27’s site via the link provided by Malcolm in the post.

    PS: Thanks for the shout out at the end! 🙂

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