Midnight Supper with iN988

Have you ever wonder what happens behind the screen before VJs go ‘live’ on air? I was privileged to receive a personal invitation from VJ Roger Poon of iN988.com for a backstage tour of the studio and to appear ‘live’ on the Midnight Show!


I arrived at Textile Centre around 11.30pm. Most of the tenants in the mall had already closed for the day. Under the dim lights, I crossed over the queue poles and walked up the escalator to level 2 where the studio was located.


Roger was busy giving instructions to his technician and didn’t realized I was there. A quick call to Christina to check on her location to find out that she would be reaching in 15 minutes.


I would expect the VJs to be panicking and running around for the final preparation, but all three of them were more concern over supper than applying make-up.


Christina and husband arrived 5 minutes before the start of the show. And our three VJs the Midnight Enigma (aka Roger), Midnight Transformer and Midnight Messanger magically appeared in full glory for the Midnight Show.


The Midnight Show happening every Friday from 12 midnight till Saturday morning 2 am is a light hearted entertainment. Every week, the three VJs will share on the latest happening and often interesting personality will appear as guests on the show.


We started the night on the controversial personality of Hong Kong’s naked chef Flora Cheung. Our topic quickly diverted into the opening of Legoland before the Midnight Engima got Christina and me to share our experiences as lifestyle bloggers.


The VJs took very good care of us, feeding us with yummy supper. Through this experience, I realized that it’s not easily being the face of an internet ‘live’ show, the VJs work very hard to come out creatively with interesting contents for the audience.


Certainly, hope there’s a chance for me to appear in front of the camera or on air to present my own show in future!


Many thanks to the VJs at iN988.com for hosting us. Remember to ‘like’ their Facebook page! 🙂

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