What the F#!

“What is flug!” was my initial reaction when my blogger friends from SingaSports.com invited me to cover the event and guest blog for them.


Flugtag (pronounced “floog-tag”), means “flying day” in German and is organized by the European Red Bull (not to be confused with the Thai Red Bull). Bring to life by the slogan,  “Red Bull Gives You Wings” , 38 teams competed in the 1st ever Red Bull Flugtag held in Southeast Asia.



Last Sunday, I dug myself out of bed to meet Christina (read her blog post here) and CJ and embark to Siloso Beach in Sentosa where the creative flying contest was held. To find out more about Red Bull Flug Tag, you can read my article on SingaSports.com or visit their official website.


Special thanks to CJ and Nabil from SingaSports.com for the invitation and kudos to Christina from HuneyzWorld.blogspot.com for being our event photographer!

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