Sunny Sunday

Another weekend. Yesterday I had fun with Christina and Winston, enjoying ourselves at the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2012 held at The Cathay.

Woke up this morning feeling sleepy. Argh! I slept through and didn’t complete my school assignment!

In need of motivation, I headed over to Froz Bakery at Bedok North.

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of freshly-baked banana walnut muffin couple with cuppa of kopi-o. The warm banana simply melts in my mouth. The bitterness of the kopi-o balances off the sweetness of the apple, lemon, cinnamon of the other muffin.

Part of my mind was filled with the imaginary of the mountains of Middle Earth as I browse through Frommer’s New Zealand guide. Ah, yes.. heaven can wait, I need to go to Kiwi Land first.

Motivated. Now back to my assignments. Onward to completion. Sunny Sunday!


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