Back to Work

After 17 days of missing from action, I’m finally back to work today!

I must say, reservist is a good break from work. As a Cpl in the army, I’m excused from two and a half weeks of thinking. Meals and activities are planned for daily so I simply have to do is to follow instructions from the commanders. And it’s a good opportunity to network. I got to make three new friends during this in-camp training (ICT).

This morning, I was having withdrawal after such a long break, part of me was worried and depressed about the volcanic piles of paperwork and emails waiting to erupt on me, and the other part of me was missing my friends a work. I didn’t get to celebrate a colleague’s birthday since I was in camp.

So I got pranked by them today! My co-worker conned me into pouring this mini pack of candy into my mouth. “Very nice!” she exclaimed.

Immediately, once in contact with my saliva, these innocent looking red bits turned my mouth into Fourth of July. They exploded like fireworks on my tongue. Taken by surprise, my eyes were leaking tears from this uncalled sensation.

What a way to end my mad rush Thursday with this homecoming prank! It’s Friday tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. :*)


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