Smiling with U

Dentists are liars. They tell lies to us so that we won’t feel so bad about going through the treatment, for that I am thankful.

My gums have been subjected to ad hoc bleeding since last Friday. I tried various means such as taking ice-cold water, rinsing with salt water, brushing gently with a soft toothbrush and flossing. But the problem persists and got worse.

Finally after one week of suffering and silent struggle, I headed to the dentist.

I was under the impression that there was a dentistry department at Parkway East Hospital (former East Shore Hospital). It was only upon arrival there that I was told to go to Parkway Parade to seek treatment.

There are several dental clinics located at level 5 of Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. I took my chance and entered through the door of Unity Denticare (formerly NTUC Denticare).


The good news of the day was being told that as a NTUC member I will be getting 10% discount of my bill and rewarded with Linkpoints. I felt weird to be earning loyalty points through dental treatment when we usually accumulate points through shopping at FairPrice.


I didn’t wait long for my name to be called. After 15 minutes, it was my turn to see the oral doctor.

Honestly, I am afraid of seeing the dentist. Maybe it was due to the bad experience with unfriendly nurses while I was in primary school or perhaps it’s the sound of the equipment drilling my teeth that scared the shit out of me.


My dentist seemed friendly after I told him my bleeding gum problem, he proceeded to conduct an oral examination. I was also told to take an X-ray test. It’s actually my first time putting small pieces of x-ray film into my mouth for the scan.

The moment of truth revealed. The cause of my bleeding gum was due to plaque. I also had to get some of the teeth on the left side filled. And to complete the treatment, I need to get my right upper wisdom tooth removed!

I also count myself lucky to be blessed with a wonderful smile. When I was doing a photoshoot with UniSIM earlier this year, one of the staff even asked if I worked as a part-time model.

Growing up, I did not have to worry about getting my wisdom teeth extracted due to teething issues. So imagine my horror when I received the news this morning.


The doctor asked if I want to perform all the treatment today and calculated the cost of the procedures. My total bill adds up to $530, and it’s after the 10% discount.

I tried not to remember what happened inside the treatment room. All I can recall were sound of drilling, shedding tears while the dentist twisted and struggled to pull out my decaying tooth.


Moving on, I promise myself to go for regular oral check-in to protect my teeth. I want to be able to continue smiling together with you.

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