Count on me, Singapore!

“Loving Singapore, Our Home” – the theme of this year’s National Day Parade (NDP). When I first heard of this, my immediate reaction was, “Argh, not another propaganda please!”

There are so many things we hate about this tiny island country of ever growing population… influx of foreign talents, smelly blue collar workers in overcrowding MRT trains, small HDB apartments, high COE prices, hot weather, and the list goes on.

In fact, I had my fair share of complains especially so when I am made to “go green” and to don on my army uniform for my reservist during this month.

Perhaps what unites us is what that divides. We are never unison in our negativity to this city-state and deep down inside our hearts we believe that we are better off and more fortunate than our neighbouring ASEAN countries.

True be told, I strongly believe this year’s NDP message is to unite Singaporeans after a watershed election that had fragmented our nation. But this year’s message also serves to remind us that Home is the place where we belong.

Last night on Twitter, new appointed Manpower Minister, Tan Chuan Jin (@chuanjin1) got the netizens on a high note by leading us in the #pledgeSG moment. Famous bloggers like @miyagi and @mrbrown join in to thread our national pledge.

Indeed, it’s through such times, that we let our hair down, laugh at ourselves and what make us Singaporeans.

Yesterday, I booked out from my in camp training (ICT) to join Christina, Jeremy, Winston and Peiyun for dinner at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Bugis Junction.



Coincidentally, Christina was wearing a t-shirt with Singapore icons and Jeremy was dressed in red and myself in the famous pixilated green uniform.



This 47th National Day, let us recap on all things Singapore. I remember this video project by Jeremy Sing (of Sindie) last year. And if you are still clueless, I was the ‘Bear’ in this indie ‘Another Home’ MTV. Have a good laugh.

Happy 47th Birthday to you, my motherland of contrasting love and hatred. No matter where I will be.. Singapore, you are my home!


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