Go The Distance

I received this mysterious invitation from Panasonic Asia through their PR agency (F5Digital) last week. Curious got the better of me and I decided to RSVP for it. More over, my blogger friends, Jeremy, Christina and Joey are also going.

The thunder god went nuts last Friday and it was a heavy storm when I reached Orchard MRT station. Jeremy and I seek shelter at Lido. We waited for Winston (Christina’s hubby) to pick up us. Since I was having a bad day, I needed a sweet treat from Gelatissimo.



Being among the first few earliest to arrive, we helped ourselves to the warm carvings at the buffet table. This also gave me time to make friends with fellow bloggers Luke, Que, Ruiting, Nash and  Nabil. The funny duo from SingaSports entertained us with a few songs, including a Mandarin song by Jay Chou. All of us where impressed by the performances of these two. I did my part and sang “We are Young” by Fun.



Kudos to our Y-Bloggist Joey Ong for being the first blogger in Singapore to turn up for event with a mask. She was sick, the sky was pouring and her exams were coming but she still came. I really salute her commitment to blogging. *thumbs up*



Being true to their slogan “Ideas for Life”, the first part of the programme we were challenged to come up with creative endings for these five very interesting videos.

I tried to come up with a creative ending for Video 3 – The Moment. But my brain juice wasn’t flowing after a long day at work. 🙁 That’s my excuse for not winning the prizes for the contest. 😛



For the next activity, we were separated into different groups to challenge other teams at a real life Draw Something.



Our lucky girl for the night was Christina! She won 1st runner up for the Most Creative Video Ending and their team won the Draw Something challenge, and walked home with a new Black Berry and Resorts World Sentosa vouchers!



And Joey won 2nd runner up in the Most Creative Video Ending. From now till 15 August, you can go on to Panasonic Asia’s YouTube channel or Facebook to view the videos. Don’t forget to mention me @malxc (Twitter) or Malcolm Sunny (Facebook) on their social media platforms. The blogger with the most comments will also win a mystery prize.

We were very much entertained by our wonderful host, Shu Ann from Fly Entertainment that night. After the official programme had ended, we were asked to stay on to party. There were vodka, beer, karaoke and wii to entertain us till 4 am!




I tweeted that Singapore Blogger Idol was happening and guess who’s the winner? That goes to William, HP and Aspirant cos these 3 boys were the remaining K singers by the end of the night!

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