Sunset, Sea Breeze & Seafood by the Beach

Chiak pa buay? (Have you eaten?) If not, why not head down to Sentosa for BBQ by the Beach?

Sunset, sea breeze and seafood! On Thursday, we were invited by and Sentosa to indulge in a sumptuous BBQ dinner by the beach. In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, for a price of $29.90++ per person, you get $30 worth of vouchers (redeemable for food & drinks) at the event. Hurry! Cos the promotion is until 22 July only.



I was on my way with my friend, Liz to Siloso Beach for the seafood BBQ dinner when I bumped into fellow bloggers, Christina (@huney_84 / Huney’Z World) and Jeremy (@jalormee / jer-uh-mee). We “accidentally” cut queue and hopped onto the beach tram bound for Siloso Beach. Actually Sentosa Seafood by the Beach is located between COASTES and Azzura Beach Club, which is a stone throw away from the Beach Station.




While waiting for the chefs to prepare our dinner, we decided to camwhore and entertain ourselves with our cameras. Christina brought along her hubby, Winston. Imagine the cool evening sea breeze blowing at you and the aroma of the seafood BBQ, the beach is a very romantic place to chill with your loved one. If you are single, fear not, I had a good time chilling out with friends indulging in our dinner and enjoying the sunset.


There were just too many items to choose from. I love the BBQ baby squid, honey-coated and crispy to the max! There was also a very tenderizing steak, medium-cooked to perfection. And not to mention the cod fish with buttered rice was another of my favorite. The cod fish simply melted in my mouth.






The theme for this year’s Singapore Food Festival is the Seafood Tales of Temasek. What better way to celebrate this gastronomic affair than to enjoy a sumptuous spread of daily catch over a mug of beer with your friends or family? Sentosa Seafood by the Beach also tries to showcase the various type of BBQ cooking. There’s the vertical grill where prawns and other smaller chunks of seafood are grilled over a vertical flame. The highlight of the even is traditional Hawaiian underground style of cooking – Imu.  And of cos there is the normal grilling over the coal which we are all familiar with.



For complement to our night, two lovely musicians sang out our choice of either English or Spanish songs with the companion of their guitars. If you have no plans this weekend, why not join them too? 🙂

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