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Even before the animation, Shrek begins showing in theatres, making one of the support characters so popular that eventually Puss in Boots has his own spin-off movie.

I love cats and when I am not working or studying I often go down to the void deck to feed stray cats in our community. I feel a sense of peace watching them chew on their biscuits and observing their body language.

It was through volunteering with Cat Welfare Society that I got to love Lorriane and a few others. Though we have stopped our voluntary work due to time commitment, our love of felines never stops growing.





Next month August, Lorriane will be migrating to Australia to start a new life with her husband to be. Her cats, Jessie and Torttie, need a new home. Will you take them in?

As I’m still staying with my family, they are against me having pets at home. Lorriane and I will really appreciate if you can help spread the word and link us up with potential owners.

Meow! The cats have to find a new home by mid August. Please email Lorriane at or contact me directly.

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