Escapade to KL

With fare as cheap as a bus ticket, a flight on budget airplane takes only 45 minutes to bring us to a rewarding weekend escape to Kuala Lumpur.

I always booked my flights on Tiger Airways half a year in advance to take advantage of their wonderful sales fare.

Touching down at KL’s Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), I was welcomed by this scenic sunset.


After a restful sleep at my friend’s place, I was all ready to meet up with Arran Fong. He’s a famous fashion blogger in Malaysia and has done numerous reviews on labels.

20120707-203722.jpg 20120707-203806.jpg

Since I was early, I headed to Starbucks for my breakfast but to my horror, I realised that they do not have Breakfast Pairing at Starbucks Malaysia. I order a yucky multi-grain apple muffin which I didn’t manage to finished.


While waiting for him to dress up, I grew bored and entertained myself by camwhoring.

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We spent a full day shuttling between KLCC and Pavilion shopping mall. Thank goodness for the newly built link bridge between the two malls, we were sheltered from hot sun at noon and shielded from the heavy downpour in the evening.

We dropped by the “atas” (ah-tahs) fashion mall, Starhill. Arran immediately fell in love with the Alexander McQueen boutique. He spent an entire hour trying and deciding which Kenko loafers to add to his private collection.


20120707-204400.jpg 20120707-204509.jpg

After shopping at Starhill, we headed back to Pavilion to have lunch at Wang Kok cafe. It’s a Hong Kong style cafe serving a fusion of Malaysia-Hong Kong dishes.

With a strong currency exchange rate of 1 Singapore dollar to 2.48 Malaysia Ringgit, I was smiling from ear to ear as I order my value lunch meal for only RM9.90. The meal will cost the same in Singapore but it will be in Singapore dollara. How can we not fall in love with KL?

20120707-204606.jpg 20120707-204632.jpg

Feeling full from our lunch, we went to watch The Amazing Spiderman as our stomach took time to digest. The seats in the theatre was really comfy. I felt that I had paid RM9 (student price) for premium GV Gold Class seats.

Dessert followed after. I order a fresh papaya with harsmar and coconut milk while Arran had a Mango Romance.



We planned to run around KLCC park but it was raining heavily as we exited out from Pavilion.


Despite a whole day of shopping, my bag was empty. Determined to walk back with new clothing for my wardrode, I pulled Arran into Zara store with me.

I was happy that I bought a sleek shirt for work. 🙂

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